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Apr 9 ‘14 – 7 pm - Monthly Club meeting (indoors) at the Granite Brewery, on the southeast corner of Mt. Pleasant & Eglinton Ave. Toronto.

  • The World’s Great Race Circuits

    Here's a comprehensive map the World's Great Race Circuits.  All of them, including Le Mans and the Nurburgring fit inside the Isle of Man TT course. ...

    Traction Avant – 80th Anniversary History

    It was on April 18, 1934 that the first Citroën Traction Avant, was presented to journalists.  During this time 759,123 Tractions in various configurations were built. On the 80th anniversary date of the Traction Avant, we are pleased to presen...

    Citroën 6WR DS set to launch in China

    The name is rather odd and at a glance it looks like any of a dozen mid-sized SUVs on the road out there.  Nevertheless Citroën will launch the 6WR DS, exclusively for in the Chinese market, at the Beijing Auto Show on April 20. ...

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