The following URLs are listed specific to a Citroën model (listed in bold and in order of age of manufacture) – with a description of the link:

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  1. – Video clip that shows the fascinating process of unbolting a 2CV body from the frame.
  2. – Location: Paris, 2008.  Object: Citroën 2CV by Hermes. Remember the Chrysler LeBaron of the 80’s where they basically gussied up a basic Dodge sedan? Well, Hermes has LeBaronized a 2CV.
  3. – Lionel Hondier lives in Vancouver, BC where he works in a restoration shop specializing in British vehicles.  However, being French, he loves Citroens and brings one a year in from France and restores it from the frame up.  Check it out here:  The line forms to the right for his next one.  Click on The French Collection link for detail restoration photos.  Truly a labour of love!
  4. – A really good Dutch site (in Dutch) showing the restoration steps for 2CVs and Méharis. They also have them for sale. And you can get rates on renting a 2CV by clicking on “Verhuur” on the top banner on the home page.





  1. – Andrew Todd’s UK website covering the restoration of a DS23.  Click on the left topics and you will see detailed photos of its progress.











  1. – Georges Regembueau will supercharge your SM upping the output to near 600 hp.
  2. – BS-Autotune claims to improve engine performance of fuel injection SMs.   They can modify it bringing it up to modern standards where it performs better, gets better gas mileage, and doesn’t overheat anymore.   And for a video of their “autotuned” SM running go to: v=pXgamY5Lfkw&feature=player_embedded#!
  3.  – Jay Leno recently installed euro headlights in his SM and posted this link discussing the headlights with Jerry Hathaway from SM World





  1. – Whether it’s a 30 foot flatbed, or the equivalent of a moving van capacity for a hydropneumatic Citroën, these fellows at Amicale Tissier transformed a number of models adding extra space to the back half of Citroëns.



  1. – Shows the conversion, in great detail, of a Panhard PL17 sedan to a cabriolet.  And here is a useful reference page showing the various versions and specs of Panhard PL17’s.



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