A community of Citroën enthusiasts.

CITROËNVIE is a community of Citroën enthusiasts with a passion for Citroën automobiles.  Created in 2008 by Citroën Autoclub Canada (based in Toronto, ON), we focus on Citroën from a North American perspective.  CITROËNVIE offers information about events and other Citroën activities throughout Canada and the USA.  We also deliver news, technical articles and interesting historical information about Citroën.

Our publishing efforts began back in 1983 with the Citroën Autoclub Canada newsletter.   Since 2001, George Dyke and John McCulloch (up until his passing on Nov. 16, 2017) served as co-editors for Citroën Autoclub Canada.  The content and format of their work on the CAC newsletter quickly garnered professional recognition and in late 2002 their roles were expanded to include publishing the Citroënthusiast for the Citroën Club of North America.

As the means to electronically deliver content to club members became increasingly viable there was a desire, expressed by the publishers, to take a more open tact to embrace all North American Citroën clubs and offer superlative Citroën magazine content.  Included in this effort, sections devoted to Clubs and organizations to outline activities and events that promote the Citroën lifestyle.  In January 2009 CITROËNVIE magazine made its 40 page full colour debut, along with a new virtual Citroën community established around it.

In 2013 we shifted to a solely web-based publishing effort, creating an online presence that continues to serve as a terrific means for Citroën owners in Canada & the USA to network with each other, as well as connect with Citroën parts and service suppliers worldwide.

On our website, you can stay current with Citroen activities and read all our past issues of CITROËNVIE magazine.  By joining CITROËNVIE as a member you have access to everything we have done, including full resolution versions of CITROËNVIE, our online Roster, Services Resource Directory, 5 years of Citroënthusiast newsletters, our vast technical documents and Citroën archives.  Become a member here.

Though CITROËNVIE is our moniker these days we do still keep the Citroën Autoclub Canada name and use it to associate our heritage and keep our older members comfortable with the fact that we are still alive and well beyond the world of the internet.

A more complete history of the Citroën AutoClub Canada can be found here.

“We’re here to help you find, maintain, and enjoy driving in classic Citroëns. Experience unmatched style, comfort and engineering that will make you smile!”


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A community of Citroën enthusiasts with a passion for Citroën automobiles.

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