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Citroën CX Keys

I need a set of S2 CX Door locks ,trunk and the ignition set complete with a set of keys.  The car is VIN # VF7MANK0001NK5040/  I am looking for a set of keys this CX , as my friend and current owner has lost them.  One key was made out of the front passenger door lock, but it needs to be a fully functional key, i.e. not a service key, to be able to work all of the doors including the trunk lid.  Since the original manuals and other documents are missing from the glove box compartment, which had the key numbers in them, they are now lost.  What are my chances of getting the OEM locks , i.e. by Simplex?  Contact Raj at:            08/18    ON


Citroën DS

I would like to see if anyone is interested in trading a Citroën Pallas 60’s version preferably that is in decent roadworthy condition and no rust for a 1993 Cadillac Allante 135,000Km roadster which is in near mint condition.  The Allante was $85K new and has all accessories: i.e. 2 tops, chrome wheels, white pearlescent paint with black leather interior.  It has the FWD V8 300HP Northstar engine.  Please contact Don Jones.  Tel: 905-973-3920 or email:        9/17     ON


Citroën SM

Looking for a Citroën SM project.  Stalled projects, restoration projects and parts vehicles.  Please contact:         9/17     ON


Trafficlutch Unit for an Ami

Need the entire trafficlutch unit for an Ami 6.  If you have one, please contact Manny Motashaw at 646.884.2790 or 212.218 4520 or email:        11/16    NY




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