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The following URLs are listed specific to a Citroën model (listed in bold and in order of age of manufacture) – with a description of the link:

PRE-TRACTION – Tommy Bryce, a Scottish gentleman who completed the Monte Carlo rally in 1954, sets off from Glasgow to go to the race in his 1928 Citroën.


  1. – The Tracbar Adventure Club’s, 7,500 km African Zulu Traction Avant adventure.
  2. – Full list of Tracbar (Traction Avant) global excursions.
  3. – Citroën Traction Avants Northern California is the name of the site. One click and you’ll soon appreciate how plentiful they are out there.  See the TracBar Tractions that first made the trip out west and then went back east to ICCCR.
  4. – Interesting old postcards that feature the Traction Avant.
  5. – Pictures from July 2003 of Tractions racing on the Circuit de Charade at Auvergne France.
  6. – For years Mark Gluck had searched for his dream. A 15/6 Traction Avant. At ICCCR 2002 he debuted an absolute beauty taking home a best of show award!  The site is a fascinating history of how he acquired his car.
  7. – Neat online Traction Avant Jigsaw puzzle.  Be sure to change the cut! You can go as high as 257 pieces!
  8. – Link to a video shot in France of the very sweet sound of a Traction Avant engine being fired up for the first from a serious engine rebuild due to a throwing rod. And there is an extended running video of the engine here:
  9. – Here is a 1940 film from Europe showing Gazogene Traction Avant driving along during the War.
  10. – Do you love the classic Traction Avant? Want to drive on some of the world’s most scenic roads? Then check out this French Company (and French only website) that can put you behind the wheel of one of their 8 Tractions!
  11.! – CITROËNVIE member Pierre Cambillard sent us this Traction cabriolet video of the gathering in Nice and Monaco on June 8, 2011. It’s amazing to see the various models!
  12. – A video by by Max Gastell-Defougeres showing a rare old Traction Avant Gazo starting and running. The Gazo burns charcoal, and these Tractions were pretty much the only way to get around France during WWII when gas was virtually nonexistent. It gets a little cheesy when the car starts and they show a rocket lifting off, but the rest is fascinating!
  13.  – Here is Philippe Tarcher’s site full of Traction stuff.  The Swiss Traction enthusiast participated in last year’s Mille Miglia driving a 15/6H and did the Monte Carlo Historique with his other 15/6 blessed with a tailormade six-speed gear box.


  1. – Here is the “Tin Snail”, the definitive 2CV documentary that aired in the 80s. Now on YouTube in six parts, the first of which is here.  This is a must see for anyone interested in the 2CV. It is a bit dry, but quite unique in its completeness.
  2. – The1939 TPV prototype is considered to be the first 2CV.  Here’s proof that there were earlier test cars built by Citroën that had many of the characteristics of the TPV.  This car exists today a museum in Rochetaillée, France.
  3. – This 1996 BBC film by David Leighton delivers an interesting history and profile of the 2CV as well as managing to capture the spirit of 2CV ownership. OK, so there area few technical inaccuracies (such as the fact that more than one TPV survived WWII, the Ami shown is a Super not a 6 Berline and Méhari bodies were ABS plastic not fiberglass, but now we’re being picky…   Like the 2CV itself you’ll smile for the entire 15 minute running length and you’ll quickly get the feeling that watching this clip is the next best thing to driving in one.
  4. – Other very unusual 2CVʼs.
  5. – Nice pictures of 2CV cabrios,
  6. – Neat page from La Boheme a Carmel California French restaurant with their own 2CV. They also list a detailed easy to read history of 2CV improvements year by year!
  7. – A site dedicated exclusively to 2CV racing.
  8. – Normal bodied 2CVs in drag racing action.
  9. – 2CV dirt track racing video.
  10. – 2CV dirt track racing video with 2CV flip over!
  11. – 2CV dirt track racing video with 2CV double flip-over!!
  12. – The famous 2CV chase scene from the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only.
  13. – 60 Years of the 2CV (in Spanish but loaded with cool stuff) courtesy of Citroën fanatics in the Argentina Citroën Club.  There are films of the 2CV assembly lines and the 1994 discovery of the 3 TPVs that were hidden (from the Germans during WWII) in the roof of a barn.
  14. – Want to rent a 2CV for your next vacation in Europe? Make sure you win the lottery before you go! A weekly rental is a rather hefty 699 €!
  15. – Video showing a 2CV ploughing snow on a frozen canal skating rink.  (You can see the 2cv around the 3:13 mark.)
  16. – An interesting display of 2CV derivatives.  Scroll the page and you’ll see an interesting custom built 2CV pick-up with back fenders that seem to be detached.
  17. – Citroën was very cautious letting anyone film in their 2CV manufacturing plants but during 1990, the last year of production, Citroën let the whole process be documented at their plant in Portugal.
  18. – Ok, it is possible to rollover a 2CV.   But as you can see, you have to be pretty stupid.
  19. – 2 Dyanes in head-on crash test.
  20. – A 2CV drag races an Oldsmobile 442 and wins!  Not your stock 2CV!
  21. – Here’s a video of some muddy ducks (actually 4×4 2CVs) running amuck at Villevenard 2008.
  22. – Location: Paris, 2008.  Object: Citroën 2CV by Hermes. Remember the Chrysler LeBaron of the 80’s where they basically gussied up a basic Dodge sedan? Well, Hermes has LeBaronized a 2CV.
  23. – Lionel Hondier lives in Vancouver, BC where he works in a restoration shop specializing in British vehicles.  However, being French, he loves Citroens and brings one a year in from France and restores it from the frame up.  The line forms to the right for his next one.  Click on The French Collection link for detail restoration photos.  Truly a labour of love!
  24. – It doesn’t get any better than this! Brigitte Bardot driving in a 1950’s 2CV in the film La Bride Sur Le Cou. The driving sequence was shot with a stop motion effect which was very avant-garde for the time. Cut-off driving style aside, view this 6-1/2 minute clip that is the beginning of the film and you’ll probably be dreaming the rest of it tonight!
  25. – Jeremy Hart takes in Paris’ finest sights from the bouncy comfort of a vintage Citroen 2CV.
  26. – Michael Stefanovic sent us this link to the August 1961 issue of Popular Science magazine. In it, starting on Page 62, Harry Walton writes a very humorous article on how the French perceive the 2CV, and takes a drive with Mrs Charles Humbert, of Long Island, NY, who has one of the few 2CVs brought over to the USA.
  27. – A link containing 16 photos, some taken at the 2011 Salbris Friends of the 2CV meeting in France, of 2CV’s that go a long way to bolster their myth.
  28. – A really good Dutch site (in Dutch) showing the restoration steps for 2CVs and Méharis. They also have them for sale. And you can get rates on renting a 2CV by clicking on “Verhuur” on the top banner on the home page.
  29. – This basic, but extensive European site lists 2CV events, 2CV news items, 2CVs for sale and 2CV specialists.
  30. – La nouvelle 2CV Spécial. Jim Sciberas pointed out this video that introduced the 2CV Special to the market. You’ll love the “white knuckle” 2CV handling demonstration toward the end.
  31.–7007446.html – Here’s a link to a cute French animation short on the history of the 2CV. Even though there are a few illustration errors, (like the spec brief for the purpose of the 2CV came from Pierre Michelin when it was actually Pierre Boulanger, showing an early 2CV hood opening on the top only and not with the sides attached, and a reference to a yellow and black late model 2CV as a Dolly and not a Charleston), for the most part it is accurate and it certainly is entertaining.
  32. – Take 6 mins and watch these crazy Belgians and their 2CV’s. Some are modified by “Quatar” and fitted with a 4X4 wheel drive transmission from Voisin
  33. – Otto Graf sent us this link to a cute music video he came across on YouTube. It’s all 2CV! The song is called Miljoen and it is sung by Myra Maud (Maud Rakotondravohitra).  It was filmed in Guateng, South Africa with some scenes inserted from Paris.  Learn more about Myra’s musical talent here:
  34. – Here’s a video of a 2CV flip in the 2CV cross Valkenswaard 2009 race.
  35. – Want a bit more “umph” to the performance of your 2CV?   Here’s footage of a BMW powered Citroen 2CV ‘Test Mule’ at Mallory Park Race Circuit on Practical Performance Car Magazine’s Track Day 2013.  (It’s driven by multiple 2CV champion Pete Sparrow). It is a completely standard 2CV with standard gearbox, brakes, suspension, chassis and clutch.  However it has a BMW 1100s bike engine underneath the original 2CV bodywork.  The result: 95 bhp,  0-62 mph in under 9 seconds and a top speed of 100mph+!  More Info:
  36. – Here’s a clip from Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee internet video series. In this one he goes for coffee with a French comedian Gad Elmaleh in a 1950 Citroën 2CV. The show is really about nothing but as Jerry says, he loves comedians, he loves cars and he loves coffee, so why not make a video? It’s rather funny in its own right, except it tarnishes the 2CV’s reputation that it is a reliable vehicle because the one they are in certainly had not been properly tuned-up.
  37. – CITROËNVIE member Sietse Elsinga brought to our attention this classic Dave Allen sketch from the 1970’s where two Irish fellows are buried, one with the help of a 2CV.
  38. watch?v=2KlWtu60lkw – CITROËNVIE member Simon Walker sent us this link to a candid video clip of a young lady describing her reasons for owning a 2CV Dolly.  It’s a part of a TV documentary series called A to B Tales of Modern Motoring (1994).


  1. – We often overlook the lowly H-Van, but not here!  This site by Jong of The Netherlands is called “Citroën HY-vereniging le-Camion” and it is one of the biggest fan Clubs for the boxy time-warp wonder!


  1. – Excellent film on the Citroën DS (in French), with awesome footage of rally racing. And narrated by two of the Citroen’s championship rally drivers at that time.  Make sure to watch all three parts!!!
  2. – Five part youtube video about a DS bought from France by Wheeler Dealers and sold in the UK after a bit of refurbishment.
  3. – A comedic romp featuring a DS wagon in this excerpt from the film with Louis de Funès, Hibernatus.  And there’s this scene in a DS 21:
  4. – This VIP perfume commercial set in Monaco features Usher and a “babe” in a Porsche Speedster being chased by 2 Citroën DS.  The production values are pretty slick as is the driving!
  5. – A music video featuring Carla Bruni as she composes her song “No Promises”.  It has scenes of her with a gorgeous DS in Paris. Oh, and Carla is pretty easy on the eyes as well.
  6. – Charlize Theron stars with a Citroën DS in commercial for UNIQLO, a newstyle Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer.
  7. – Here’s a stylish B&W music video of a song called Mean Monday by Yellow that prominently features a DS from the Helsinki Club Zurich.
  8. – This 1958 Citroën DS19 was used as a prototype for demonstrating and testing inclining self-adjusting suspension by the Swedish inventor Julius Lindblom. The car has been preserved over all these years.
  9. – DS24 – a fanciful look at what the DS could evolve to.  You’d think it was done by Citroën but it is by design students at ISD Valenciennes.
  10. – Greg Long takes his 1956 Citroën DS19 for its first (quick) drive since 1975!
  11. – A 30 second Dutch movietone showing the introduction of the futuresque Citroen DS at the Paris motor show in 1955. This has 3 very nice interior shots.
  12. – Jaguar Mk2 vs Citroën DS auto chase. Bit of fun from a British ITC production action film. The Jag looses in the end in a rather spectacular way!
  13. – A website dedicated to the Citroen DS in Asia.
  14. – A clip from the Marcello Mastroianni movie ‘The 10th Victim’ (1965) featuring a clear roof DS and a steering wheel that looks like it came from the TV sci-fi series The Thunderbirds!
  15. – Interested in an exact working model of a DS with everything working, including the suspension? How about this 1/8 scale marvel. Definitely a project for next winter. Seems to be a pretty good deal even at 130 euros, providing you’ve got the patience!
  16. – This is a video clip featuring the 2012 Mille Miglia shot in Brescia, Italy.  It’s like you’re right there taking it all in! Go to 20:16 in the clip and you can see Louis Grenier’s 1957 DS19 that he shipped to Italy from Quebec for the event.  That’s Louis in the passenger seat waving at the camera!
  17. – Enjoy this YouTube video of a DS vs Tesla.  Greg Long pitched the idea to Motor Trend and of course it is his 56 D.  Greg tells the whole story behind the piece here:
  18. – 1956 Citroën DS19 driving in the snow.

AMI (See also 2CV)

  1. – Here’s a Citroën film promoting the GS engined AMI 8 Super. They tout a 140 km/hr cruising speed and we’re pretty sure it’s no coincidence that the AMI is seen passing Renaults and Peugeots and the German stalwart VW Beetle.
  2. – This site of Philippe Tarcher in Switzerland shows his participation in the Mille Miglia with his Traction 15/6H and that of an AMI 6 Beline.


  1. – Cute music video that should inspire you to get out in a Mehari.  It’s from a Flemish TV series Mega Mindy that airs in Belgium and revolves around a girl who lives with her grandparents and works as a police officer but she has a secret identity as superhero.


  1. – Le Rotatif Club – A Wankel rotary engine enthusiasts website featuring the Citroën GS Birotor.
  2. – Citroën promotional video made in 1969 that shows Robert Opron and his approach to styling the GS.
  3. – Zero Degree Driving in a Citroën GS; – Here’s mandatory viewing for you ice racers out there. The film shows the DS sliding around turns in winter rallies and then focuses on driving instructions for winter racing in a GS. I think the language is Italian, but even if you don’t understand it’s still fascinating viewing and you can pretty much figure out what the instructions are.
  4. – Check out the footage at 15:09:30 for this UK Citroen GSA commercial.
  5. – Graham H Wilson, GS Section Registrar of the Citroën Car Club in the UK, shot a video of a GS Birotor that visited him at his home in Milton Keynes.  The sound of the rotary engine at 5,000 revs in 2nd [of 3 gears] is wonderful.  Graham says that as he knows there is only one other GS Birotor that is roadworthy in the UK.


  1. – How about a SM blueprint to hang on your wall?
  2. – In this video Jay Leno takes us inside his extensive automobile collection in Los Angeles to discuss, along with Jerry Hathaway from SM World, his Citroën SM, the uniqueness of the car and the eccentricities of owning one.
  3. – The opening of the original film The Longest Yard, made in 1974 and featuring Burt Reynolds, had a legendary chase sequence in a Citroën SM.  While you’re there take the time to view a dozen other videos with Citroëns in them.
  4. – Video showing why the SM is widely considered as the ultimate offering from Citroën’s finest era!
  5. – Historic video clip of French president Jacques Chirac making his first trip in the Presidential SM to the memorial event for the unknown soldier on the Champs Elysées.
  6. – A SM racing in the SPA 24 in 1971.   Check out the 1:05, 2:11 and 5:29 timeframes of the YouTube clip.
  7. – In the 1970’s the Gendarmerie used some French exotics to police the Autoroutes.  Citroën SMs, DS and Renault Alpine A110s made up what was called the Rapid Intervention Brigade. In this 1973 video the police hunt offenders in a SM driving over 200 km/h and we get some insight into the driver training that officers underwent.
  8. – The definitive instructional video on how to change the oil in your SM.  What makes it so good?   Just watch!!
  9. – The March 2013 issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars magazine featured a good comparison of the Citroën SM and Maserati Merak, two cars that share the same drivetrain (and some other bits) albeit in a very different layout.  Thanks to Jim Marr of Moncton. NB for bringing it to our attention.
  10. – Here are some pictures and a report from the 40th Anniversary meet of the Citroen SM held at Reims, France.


  1. – Scene from the 1975 film The Poliziotto where a Renault 5 chases a Citroen CX.
  2. – There’s a Citroën CX in this video (for a second), but more importantly this funky 70’s French video of Grace Jone’s “La Vie En Rose” has has a sole and emotion that is mesmerizing!


  1. – As exciting a car as the XM was, its final days saw Citroën burdened with quite a surplus.  This stylish video commemorates the final days of the XM.


  1. – Citroën actually produced a helicopter! The RE2.
  2. – Back in 1969 Citroën decided to build a 2CV-based racing car, the MEP, aimed at getting children onto the race track. The car initially had a highly tuned Ami engine, but performance was less than expected. It was then fitted with with an 850cc Panhard engine with slightly better results. Even so the project didn’t extend beyond this single prototype.
  3. – See Citroën’s electric-powered Survolt concept car take on an electric Agni Z2 motorcycle in the world’s first electric car vs bike showdown. BTW, the driver in the Survolt is Vanina Ickx.
  4. – A UK based website for newbie drivers and inexperienced road users.  It has advice on budgeting for and buying a first car, driving safely during winter, respecting cyclists on the road, and other good mannered driving techniques that will help you avoid getting the finger from everyone else out there!
  5. – A jam-packed site with info on Retromobile, and virtually anything Citroën, past and present. It’s all in French, but don’t let that dissuade you!
  6. – A very Citroën info-rich German site. Extensive photos, movies and much, much more.
  7. – The site is called “Cit City – The place to be for Citroën lovers”. In it you will find a vast range of Cit material, from 2CV water racing to Citroën comic archives.
  8. – A galley of cool shots of various vintage Citroens. Click on the left to go to other French classics like the Panhard Dynamic in the ‘Autres Véhicules’ section.  Back-up one level on the site and you will see a listing of some very obscure French car names such as Amilcar, Berliet, Chenard, Licorne and Tracta.
  9. – In the early 1970s Citroën wasn’t just enjoying the success of the DS, SM , GS and the 2CV. Check out the CITROËN CH 14 Currus (1971).
  10. – Not everybody loves Citroën. This Danish site is operated by a fellow that has thorough disgust for AMI, 2CV, DS, and CX.  It’s all in Danish so we’re not sure if he mongers a true hate of double chevrons, or is paying a very weird homage to Citroëns.  Certainly a testament to free speech!
  11. – Want to make a cutout (also known as a polydron or net) of your favorite Citroën? This Italian site has them. Here you will find color cutouts that you can print for the 2CV, H-Van, DS21, Mehari, BX, XM and the ZX.
  12. – German submitted video clip was shot at a 2CV meet in Europe where a 2CV enthusiast demonstrated a model Deux Cheveaux helicopter he constructed
  13. – Here’s something for the kids at Christmas. A Citroën 2CV Charleston Pedal car.
  14. 3 of the greatest car chases ever filmed.  And bonus: They just happen to involve Citroëns!  1) High Crime (1973) – DS chase:, 2) Tony Arzenta (1973) – DS chase:, 3) Ronin – XM chase:
  15. – Alfa vs DS Citroën. Yet another classic film scene where the DS is driven to the brink of destruction.
  16. – This clip from the film “Poliziotto Sprint” shows a Ferrari 250 GT in chase of a DS. Amazing not just for the action, but that the Ferrari they trashed would command over $200K today.
  17. – The C4 may not be coming to America, but it did visit long enough to shoot a Transformer themed commercial in New York City to the song Staying Alive.
  18. – In December 2008, C42 in Paris displayed an interesting mix of “sport” Citroëns that included the new GT by Citroën concept car, the C-métisse and a 1970 SM.  Excellent photo gallery posted by Martijn van Well (from the Netherlands) of their presence at C42. Look for the C42 header and enjoy!!
  19. – This site gives you glimpse of some of Europe’s most obscure non-exotic cars, and others that are just rotting away.  Click on “Barn Finds”.
  20. – Want the ultimate couch?  For a mere $40K Fred Bailey will make you a concours experience for your Citroën derrière.
  21. – Site showing tourists being ferried around Paris in double-decker Citroën buses in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. Très cool!
  22. – The Eiffel Tower was specially illuminated on Oct. 28, 2009 for the launch of the new Citroën C3. And a video was made shooting through the vertical panoramic Visiodrive windshields of various C3s.
  23. – The Citroën C1 commercial that is a special effects extravaganza based on Rubik’s Cube.  This link shows the commercial and how it was made!
  24. – Innovative Citroën C3 Visiodrive commercial by advertising agency: Euro RSCG Düsseldorf (Germany) where the Citroën really swings!
  25. – Marvelous silent black & white film that shows the national French highway (N7) in what appears to be the late 1950’s.  A must see: Packed with Citroën 2CVs, Traction Avants, H-Vans and a DS or two…. And packed with other classics including a Renault 4CV, Peugeot 203 and 403, Panhards and some notable English classics. Can you spot the Morgan?
  26. – Footage from the 1961 Monte Carlo Rally. Yes there is a DS in there. (Two in fact)!  However the star of the video is a Panhard PL17 that manages a 1st place finish!
  27. – Rally compilation video with spectacular footage.  And the best part? – The last car shot of course… A Citroën DS leaving a dusty beaten path and traveling over a hill!
  28. – Italian designer Paolo Martin has put forth a proposal that combines the essence of the retromobile with 2CV aesthetics and modern technology.
  29. – DCrosser.  It combines a modified body of the classic Citroên DS with the chassis and powertrain of a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser. Be sure to watch the video!
  30. – You can see Buckminster Fuller’s revolutionary automobile the Dymaxion actually driving. The woman in the back seat at the 27 second mark appears to be Amelia Earhart who we think ordered one of his cars but he could not afford to build it.  And if you’d like to see construction details, check out this video technical illustration of the Dymaxion:
  31. – Remember Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer music video from the eighties?  Lyrics like “You could have a steam train. If you’d just lay down your tracks you could have an aeroplane.”  It was one of the first usages of layered digital effects.  Well, here’s the same visual treatment in Citroën’s C3 commercial.
  32. – Talented photographers in France and junkyard settings can yield some amazing results.  The images of Nicolas Herrman and Jacques Boguel, many of them Citroëns, are beautifully displayed on this website.
  33. – Here are two Discovery Channel videos.  One on the 2CV and the other on the DS.  A bit of fluff!!  In the 2CV video they claim the man shown is Pierre-Jules Bélanger.  In fact they are showing An-dré Citroën.  Oh well…  Let’s hope this is not ultimately archived as an historically accurate video!  Also a DS video:
  34. – We’ve written about Henri Fradent’s collection of low mileage of un-restored, post war Citroëns at Citromuseum near Castellane France. Now there is a YouTube video featuring Henri describing his collection.  The real thing is definitely a must see if you are in the southeast of France. The website is:
  35. – Never mind the wine……How ‘bout that car in the background. OK, we have to admit that the tip about opening a wine bottle without a cork screw is pretty useful as well.
  36. – Dave Burnham sent us this link to an ice racing film by René Vernadet of the Ronde Hivernale Automobile de Chamonix 1971-1972.  It features DS, GS, even an SM ice racing in France. Dave is heavily involved with the AMEC  (Adirondack Motor Enthusiasts Club) and ICE races in the northeast US each winter.
  37. – Here’s a nice save in a DS3 by the Citroën Rally Team during the Sweden Rally 2012.  Thanks to Dean Renwick of Professional Auto Appraisals in Toronto for bringing this Swedish Rally video clip to our attention.
  38. – 19 allée des Marronniers – une saison de Rallye WRC avec Citroën. This 75 minute Citroën Rally film is a wonderfully produced behind the scenes insight into Citroën’s rallying commitment. Naturally it focuses in the racing success of their world championship team of Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena and Citroën’s support for Sébastien as he makes the transition from rally to track racing.
  39. – Classic French automotive postcards from the Mcarpedi Collection. The man behind the collection is Erik Verhaest from France.
  40. – Hovering Cits.  Need we say more?  Thanks to Raj for the link the these Photoshopped pics.
  41. – Whether it’s a 30 foot flatbed, or the equivalent of a moving van capacity for a hydropneumatic Citroën, these fellows at Amicale Tissier transformed a number of models adding extra space to the back half of Citroëns.
  42. – Enjoy this slideshow of images from vintage postcards in towns in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s.
  43. – Vintage Citroen literature & photos.   Available for sale.
  44. – Website of the Greater Wellington Citroën Car Club Inc. in New Zealand.
  45. – In early 2006 some members of the Citroen Car Club of NSW Inc, and their cars, were included in a French tourism/travel adventure documentary by French film maker Stephane Cohen.  The voice over is in french, but you’ll get the general idea.
  46. – Citroën have created a website, ‘Citroën Racing’, dedicated exclusively to their track and rally competition activities.  While we at Citroënvie do not report on every race in which Citroen participates, here is a way you can keep current with everything race related to Citroën.  Just visit
  47. – Here is an excellent short video on the overall history of Citroën, and the effort Ctiroën takes to preserve it’s heritage with Le Conservatoire.
  48. – We are pleased to post a link to the superb documentary “Louis Renault et André Citroën, la course du siecle”. It profiles both men, how they became leading French industialists, how they became arch rivals, and the tragic demise of both. It contains fascinating footage of both and of their factories at the start. This a must watch. View the full version in French at the above link. We did the first 30 minutes with an English narration soundtrack at:


We Love Panhards….  They are such interesting vehicles, steeped in history and innovation.  Panhard was originally called Panhard et Levassor, and was established as a car manufacturing concern by René Panhard and Émile Levassor in 1887.   The last Panhard passenger car was built in 1967.  After assembling 2CV panel trucks for Citroën in order to utilize capacity in face of falling sales, and raising operating cash by selling ownership progressively to Citroën (full control as of 1965), in fall of 1967 the civilian branch was absorbed by Citroën, and the automobile marque was retired. From 1968 on, Panhard has only made armored vehicles.

Here are 5 interesting videos on the post WWII era Panhard cars:

  1. – Florian, from the German Panhard Club made this video where souped-up his old Dyna Z with a special Tigre motor. (The picture quality isn’t the best, but listen)
  2. Panhard USA Club president John Peterson posted this video of his sister, Kim, his wife, Nikki and him cruising in the his Panahrd 24 in 2008:
  3. And John also posted this video on YouTube of his 1960 PL17:
  4. – Footage from the 1961 Monte Carlo Rally. Yes there is a DS in there. (Two in fact)!  However the star of the video is a Panhard PL17 that manages a 1st place finish!
  5. – Click on the two links below the main picture on the Dutch Panhard club’s website.  Fun videos.

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