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1980 Citroën CX Athena

This 5 manual speed car with DIRAVI steering control, with a genuine 83,013 km has had one previous owner.  Imported into Canada in 2016, it is originally from the South of France and was kept for many years at the Citromuseum in Castellane.  Optically and technically the car is in top condition, with a pristine interior.  There is no rust evident anywhere other than a little surface bubbling at the bottom of the driver door.  Extensive current photos can be viewed here:  It has the iconic “boule” ashtray and electric power windows in front.  Before being imported to Canada, all rims have been sandblasted and painted, with new Michelin 185 R 14 MXV-P mounted tires.  Also new spheres and a new battery had been fitted.  During my ownership of the car, I had a new clutch installed by a Toronto based Citroën specialist.  Price: $11,000 US.  Contact Pierre Cambillard.  Tel: 519-442-9193 or email:        10/18   ON



1971 Citroën DS21 IE Pallas

This DS is a collector piece acquired from the Citromuseum in Castellane France in 2014. Before being acquired by the museum, the car had only one original owner, in the South of France.  The odometer has a genuine 84,752 Km.  This DS is in a 9+ condition, of course with matching numbers.  Before being imported to Canada a complete technical overall was performed by the Citromuseum owner and expert Henri Fradet.  Special features of the car include: 60’s period steering wheel and door handles (correct for this 1971 model); an aluminum roof; built in CIBIE fog lamps; headrests and front arm rest.  Brand new period Michelin 185 HR 15 XVS-P tires have been fitted recently.  Since arriving in Canada in 2014, the car has been stored in a heated garage and serviced by a french Citroen specialist.  Extensive current photos can be viewed here:  The car specs in summary are:  VIN : 01FA9113, Chassis No: 0057017079, Paint Color: AC 318 LE (sand metallic).  Price: $54,000 US.  Contact Pierre Cambillard.  Tel: 519-442-9193 or email:        10/18   ON



1982 Citroën CX 2400 GTi

Manual 5 speed.  In excellent condition, everything works, engine, suspension and breaks are great with no leaks.  The interior has been redone and the car is pretty close to show room condition.  New Michelin Tires( 185/70/14).  The speedometer shows 99,982 Km.  No rust and the paint is like new.  This car is the Series 1, so it has the original dash and chromed bumpers.  It is equipped with the diravi driving control and it is a pleasure to drive.  Price: $15,000 CAN.  Car is located near Québec city.  (3919 ave Royale, Saint-Ferréol les Neiges, Québec, Canada  G0A 3R0).  For more info
please contact me:  Claude Marois, ph: 418-826-1249, email:         10/18   QC



1971 Citroën GS

Original spec GS, just as Citroën introduced it 1970, and the rarest and most collectable of all GS.  57,349 kms.  It remains in amazing original condition; seats, carpet, steering wheel, dashboard, and all the mechanicals.  There is no rust evident anywhere other than a little surface bubbling on the muffler and there is plenty of life left in it and does not need replacement at this time.  The only parts re-painted are the wheels and the lower front skirt.  All the other parts are with their original paint. The inner roof is in perfect condition.  In my possession it has been cherished with my other Citroëns – always in a garage under cover, driven on regular basis (on sunny days and not in the winter).  Professionally rust proofed by Krown Rust Control.  Full service/tune-up was performed at 47,650 km by a Citroën specialist including replacement of the timing belts with tensioners, valve clearances adjustment, new spark plugs, fuel and air filter, LHM hydraulic fluid and all new fuel rubber hoses.  LHM replaced 800 kms ago (July 2018).  4 brand-new Michelin 145 x 15 tires were installed (also in July 2018).  There is a period radio in the centre console (for decoration, not connected), and after-market headrests have been added (from a 90’s Nissan minivan) but they can be removed and I have the original seat plugs for the headrest holes.  Extensive current photos can be viewed here:  More detailed history available upon request.  The car will be provided with a brand new spare muffler and a NOS rare exhaust combiner from manifold.  Price: $16,000 US.  Contact George Dyke.  Tel: 647-896-3202 or email:      9/18     ON



1979 Citroën 2CV Beachcomber

Probably one of the coolest 2CVs around!  Super rare — to my knowledge there are only 2 in the U.S.  The Beachcomber model was developed by Citroën to commemorate the France 3 participation in the Americas Cup Yacht Race.  602cc 29 HP engine.  40-45 mpg.  Top speed 60-65 mph.  This Beachcomber was featured in Road & Track Magazine.  It’s had every possible upgrade and option added including a stainless steel exhaust, fog lights, canvas top, radio/cd player, luggage rack, Robri trims and more.  Added special items include racing steering wheel, pinstripe package, electronic ignition, new galvanized frame, new convertible top, pinstriped seat covers and many chrome pieces.  New battery etc — excellent condition.  Needs nothing.  More photos here.  Located in Ann Arbor, MI.  Price: $19,000 US.  Email:       08/18    MI



1953 Citroën Traction Avant 11BL

New paint on a rust free car.  Many new mech parts.  Runs and drives very nicely.  Interior mostly orig.  Decent cond. Asking $18,500.00 US.  Will trade OBO.  Located in southwest Florida.  Call Peter Pitcher for info: 941-505-5531.     08/18    FL



1970 (original title) 2CV Charleston

In excellent condition with only 17,700 km!  This is really a 1989 2CV imported and sold in 1989 by Escargot Motorcars Inc and registered as a 1970 at the time because the 1989 body and mechanicals were transferred to a restored 1970 frame in order to meet import regulations.  Well maintained and always garaged.  Impeccable dark grey/light grey exterior finish, light grey interior.  Has utility back hatch option and black convertible top.  29 hp, 602 cc engine, 4 speed manual transmission.  Original spare, jack and Sherwood CRD-155 AM/FM cassette stereo included.  Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  More photos can be veiwed here:  Vintage charm for $19,000 CAN.  Contact:         7/18     ON



1981 2CV Original Charleston

Car fully restored.  Mileage: 45,975 kms.  602cc engine: 1,000km.  Gearbox: 1,000km.  New clutch, new starter, new alternator, new carburetor, new ignition, new driveshaft boots, new tires, new seats, new carpets, new roof, new brakes, new headlights.  Front, rear fenders, hood and trunk re-painted as new.  New Charleston bumpers.  Ready to hit the road.  1 year warranty.  VIN: VE7AZKA0075KA7890.  Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada.  We are a garage of parts and service specializing in 2CV.  Price: $22,000 CAN.  Contact:  Tel: 819-471-6798 .     QC      6/18



Unique 1951 Traction Avant 11BL Convertible

43,169 kms. This convertible conversion was done by a qualified bodyshop in Toronto.  It has been driven sparingly over the last 35 years since the modification was performed.  With considerable effort and some clever engineering the monocoque body structure was strengthened in the lower sills, lengthening the doors (doing the top sweep toward the front), and fitting Austin Mini door hinges the lower B pillar section that was re-located rearward.  The doors have fully retractable straight glass that is edge capped in chrome trim as are the front side glass pieces that fill the area between the roll down glass and the rake of the windshield A pillars.  Fully retractable rear side windows were also fitted.  A convertible top was custom made and has a plastic rear window that is tear-free.  The full boot has been left in-tact, making it the only Traction convertible that you can seat 4 adults in comfortably in and still have room for their weekend luggage.  The interior is beautifully cloth trimmed and professionally finished.   Enjoy it on summer days when convertibles are ideal, or offer it as a most distinctive wedding car!  Deficiencies: The left front upper suspension boot is missing, as is the heater tube to vent radiator air to the interior.  (Missing on many Tractions, but easily available if you care to fit it.)  Both driver’s and passengers roll-down side windows have cracked glass.  These are flat panes and can be readily replaced.   The car is solid, but there is minor rust on the flooring and surfaces of components underneath.  Also the front fenders under where the aluminium foot plate rests have some corrosion and the surface paint on the fender just above that area shows cracking.  A day on a the lift with a scraper, a little bit of welding and some POR-15 would make the bottom as nice as the rest of the car.  Attempting a convertible conversion like this to a conventional Traction BL sedan would cost a minimum of $20,000 for the just the conversion, let alone the cost of acquiring a decent running Traction to start with.  This Traction “cabrio” can be yours for just $22,000 US, not $150,000+ for an original Traction cabrio, if you can even find one.   Contact George Dyke.   email:        ON     4/18



1949 Citroën Traction 11N

A high quality Traction. Body nicely enhanced by selected accessories (chrome headlights, fog lights, rear rack). Impeccable interior, Citroën original fabric. Spacious cabin: the 11 N (normal) has the internal dimensions of a Traction 15.  Mechanically in perfect condition.  4 speed gearbox.  Car is located in Quebec City area.  Asking price: $19,500 CAN.  email :          05/18      QC



1978 Lohr Fardier

The Lohr Fardier was designed as a light, 4×4 reconnaissance vehicle for the French army.  Because of the low weight the FL500 could be dropped by parachute.  It could carry a load of 480 kg, and take a 50% incline fully loaded.  Citroën had the vehicles built in the Forest factory in Belgium.  The practical design used many existing Citroën parts.  The Military Méhari engine, Ami 8 gearbox and brakes, Ami Super drive-shafts, H van steering gear etc.  All wrapped in a tough tubular frame and protected by a sturdy roll-over bar.  The vehicles has many interesting features such as a centrifugal clutch, four wheel disk brakes, cutting brakes on the rear wheels for fast cornering, a center diff. lock, a mechanical rev limiter, and so forth.  The engine/transmission unit is turned 90 degrees in the chassis to allow for a simple four wheel drive construction.  Equipped with the famously smooth Ami 8 suspension she can be driven off-road in amazing comfort.  She recently received a major service by Garage Sander Aalderink in the Netherlands.  New engine and trans. mounts, new stainless steel exhaust, major tune-up, a 123 Ignition, rebuilt carburetor, flushed gas tank, new master cylinder, change of all fluids etc.  The vehicle runs very well, and has gone only 2,000 km from new!  Included are the operator’s manual, the Army workshop manual, and the Army “parachute drop” manual.  Please note: while all mechanical parts are Citroën based and readily available, these are extremely rare vehicles.  There are just two in North America.  The other FL500 is in the Lane Motor Museum.  Price: $16,500 US.  Contact Erik DeWidt at tel: 301-829-2695 or mobile: 347-266-6868. Email:         MD     04/18



1969 Citroën HY Van

This hard-to-find 1969 Citroën HY would make an excellent basis for a collector or food truck. Also, ideal for delivery or other urban work.  The van is in good condition and the engine has been recently “tuned up”.  The odometer shows 22,829 kms.  The engine compartment, cab, and cargo area present well for a commercial vehicle of this age.  This van appears to have had careful owners, unlike many others I have seen.  The cargo area has been fitted with compartments for storage.  This is a rare opportunity to buy one of these vans in the U.S. The work of finding and importing the vehicle has already been done for you.  Asking price: $27,500 US.  Contact Chef Nacxi Gaxiola. Tel: 917-445-5987 or email:         NY     04/18



1965 Citroën H Van – Equipped with Functional Kitchen

This white rebuilt beauty with a brand new full functioning kitchen inside could be your next project to take on the road. It just needs a suitable engine.  This was started as a custom-built project for a food concept that became an indoors venue so we no longer need the concept on wheels. Come take a look and see it for yourself!
Selling for $75,000 US* (less than cost).  (Just the custom kitchen, to code, is worth $65K. + plus the vintage truck shell: $25K.)
*Can provide with invoices and proof of sale.
The Goods:
– Custom 60” Griddle with Custom Counter
– Custom “L” Shaped 3 door Fridge.
– Two Individual Custom Hoods (for Grill and Fryer).
– Custom stainless work (walls, counters, cabinets, sinks, shelves, etc.).
– Custom 3-Bay Sink + Hand Sink
– Custom Plumbing (Water and Drain/Collector Tanks).
– Custom-Fabricated serving window + 2nd serving window on door.
– Low Profile Roof Exhaust Fans.
– LED Lighting
– Custom Diamond Plate Floor.
– Honda EB5000 5,000 Watt Industrial Generator (with iAVR Technology)

The vehicle needs to be completed with an engine, drivetrain and its mechanical related parts as well as front interior and windshield.  Contact Chef Nacxi Gaxiola. Tel: 917-445-5987 or email:         NY     01/18



1972 Citroën 2CV (AK400) Truckette 

Completely restored in 2013 including a new galvanized frame.  602cc engine.  Stored from October until April.  Driven less than 1000 miles, only on sunny days, since restoration.  Serviced by experts at Specialty Sports Cars in Columbus, OH.  See the Truckette in Columbus.  $18,000. US.  Contact Jim Budros: 614-397-5638 or       OH      9/17



1998 Citroën XM Exclusive 3.0 V6

5 speed manual. 312,000 km. Nice interior, excellent paint, not rusty. Hydraulic fluid leaks, but 100% driveable.  Spheres have been replaced and the suspension works well.  Driven daily.   Can pick you up at Burlington, Vermont Airport, you can drive the car home.  It is presently registered, inspected and titled in Vermont. Asking $9,000 USD.  Contact Jerome at 802-363-5838        VT     7/17



1978 Citroën GS Station Wagon

55,332 original miles in running condition.  Cornflower Blue exterior/ Black interior.  Imported to the US in the early 2000s.  4-speed manual transmission.  Full Citroën hydraulics in working order!  Very good shape for a 40 year old car.  Spent much of it’s  life in Marseille, France.  Price: $6,900 USD.  For more information contact Renault NA.  Phone: 865-361-7231 or email:       TN     6/17



1952 Citroën Traction 11BL

Very nice car.  Two tone grey.  Bodywork and interior trim in excellent condition.  Mechanical (engine, gearbox, clutch, starter) recently redone.  New electrical wiring.  Car is located in Québec City area.  Asking price: $ 14,500.00 CAD.  Contact seller at 514-246-3872 or by email :        7/14    QC

Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-1  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-2  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-3  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-4  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-5





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