• July 10, ’22 – Bastille Day Rally Tour of New York City – Howie Seligmann informs us that it is a go for this year. More details to come.
  • Nov. 1 – 6 ’22 – MicroSouth Meet – Savannah, GA. The French Car community has been invited to MicroSouth Meet in coordination with the Hilton Head Concours. Our host hotel, The Isetta Inn, is located in the Starland Arts District of Savannah, GA. Currently they are holding all their rooms for MicroSouth.
    • Agenda:
      • Nov. 1 — The Lane Motor Museum will kick off our event by treating all of the registered MicroSouth participants to a narrated bus tour of Savannah.
      • Nov. 2 — Jonathan, the owner of the Isetta Inn, will be leading the drive in his 2CV as he shows us some of his favorite spots around the historic city.
      • Nov. 3 — The group will be driving to nearby Isle of Hope and the Wormsloe Plantation State Park
      • Nov. 4 — We will be doing a group driving tour from Savannah to Hilton Head Island for an exciting weekend at the Hilton Head Motoring Festival.
    • Register here: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D1866000_192_373500950

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