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  • A Look Back at This DS Camper Conversion

    We made brief mention of this DS Camper Conversion back in the days we were publishing the Fall 2008 edition of Citroënthusiast.  We have some updated info about it.  The conversion was built by a Palisades Motors in the US using the re...

    One Smok’in Goddess

    Certainly a depressing event but wow, what a photo!   It was taken on the A2 today near Born, a town of approximately 6,000 people in the Dutch municipality of Sittard-Geleen.  ...

    Well, look at what we have here!

    It would seem that the workers in the Citroën factory workers in Mangualde, (central Portugal) have a lasting fondness for the 2CV. And no wonder, it’s the last place they were or made. The last one rolled off the almost fully manual assembly line...



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Photo Gallery

Classic Citroëns have distinctive styling wrapped around advanced engineering. They deliver a unique driving experience! See the various models and get a sense of our passion for them.

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