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We're here to help you find and enjoy driving in classic Citroëns. Experience unmatched style, comfort and engineering that will make you smile!

  • Are you wondering what Citroën tool does what?

    Do you have some odd looking tools lying about your garage that you picked up from a Citroën parts vendor at a show?  Or maybe they were included with the Citroën you purchased?  Now you are working on your Citroën and wonder if there is...

    Jalopnik Profiles 2CV Dragonet Race Cars

    Auto enthusiast website Jalnopik has made mention of a passion we have at Citroënvie – racing 2CVs.  In an article published on Aug. 13, by Jason Torchinsky, (linked ...

    Selecting the Correct Battery for Your 2CV

    (Requires paid member status to access.)  By George Dyke….. The old adage size matters has never been more important than when fitting a replacement battery into a 2CV.  All too often I see batteries that are poorly fitted ...



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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Classic Citroëns have distinctive styling wrapped around advanced engineering. They deliver a unique driving experience! See the various models and get a sense of our passion for them.

Events listings

Events listings

Sept. 9 ’18 – 9:30 am – Citroën AutoClub Canada Monthly Meeting – at The Beirute Grand Café, located just northeast of HWY 401 and the HWY 404 at 155 Consumers Rd, Toronto, ON M2J 0A3.

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