It is extremely rare to come across a beautifully driving and “like new” in appearance condition Citroën DS that has not gone through a high degree of restoration and thereby lost it’s originality. This DS19 Pallas is the exception…

It is a very original car manufactured in November 1964 (the introduction of the Pallas was in October 1964, so it is one of the very first Pallas registered).

  • Citroën DS19 Pallas Mécanique.

  • Engine type: DW
11/17/1964, model year 1965
AC108a Gris Palladium (the darker one)

  • Roof Gris Argent AC141

  • Original paint (90%), original upholstery, carpet, headliner etc.
Only 32,000 km from new (assumed by invoices retained).

The history of the car is that is had been stored on blocks under covers and blankets for 25 years in a parking garage in Paris by the first owner. (The original license plate holder with painted license plate is still present). It was the brought to the Netherlands by Ton Claus and ended up in the museum of Crescia (Garage du Lac) in Switzerland.

Crescia sold it in 2007 to French Citroën DS purist who fell in love with it. One year later it made its way to a German collection. The car has been owned by a Dutch collector since 2015.

After years of standstill display the task for a full technical refurbishment was given to Bart Kocken in 2017 at a cost of 21,000 Euros. Very serious work was performed with the removal of all rubbers etc, keeping original parts and only sourcing NOS items as needed.

Bart’s work allowed the DS to drive safely like new — and like a dream.

It is surely the best original 1965 DS Pallas in the world!

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