Here’s Looking at You General Motors

Guess where this photo was taken? I went with Larry Lewis and Lloyd McBride in my DS21 to the Concours of America classic car event this past weekend in Plymouth, Michigan. On the way back we stopped in Windsor, Ontario and I took this picture in front of the water fountains at the Windsor Casino looking over the St. Clair River with General Motors’ Detroit Headquarters building in the background. An “àpropos” visual since General Motors recently purchased a 7% stake in PSA Peugeot Citroën.

– George Dyke


  1. I met the two General Motors engineers that dismantled a DS in the early ’60s, at the 12th ICCCR, the International Citroen meet in Amherst, Mass. They determined that it would cost GM $10,000 to manufacture the car that Citroen was selling in the US for $2,500. My first Citroen was purchased from a retired engineer, Mr. Cartwright, that Ford used for the same purpose. He dismantled two DSs and purchased from Ford enough pieces to build his personal car, which I believe that I purchased from him just before he gave up driving. GM and Ford both knew what an “automobile” consisted, but continued building “flaming deathtraps” cars occasionally mimicking a Citroen features over the years for a “New and Improved” model.

    1. Yep for the death traps. I did use a few Fords and GMs and enjoyed their strange behaviors, but never over 80 mph when they became really threatening. All those decades, I also drove Citroëns and never thought anything of routinely driving them over 100 mpg whenever I could avoid waking the local constabulary

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