2CV Gem Found in Prince Edward County

CAC member Jeff Teerlinck is a happy fellow these days. A friend at work tipped him off to a 2CV that was stored in a barn on a farm near Belleville, ON. The owner was willing to part with it because he was selling the property. He bought it back in the mid-1980′s as a present to his wife on her 50th birthday. She drove it occasionally for a few years in Toronto, but somehow it ended up at their country property and set aside in the barn. Jeff went to take a look, liked what he saw and a deal was struck to purchase the car and pick-it up on Saturday Nov. 17.

According to the records available, it was was originally owned by a lady in France and imported in 1983, then restored by a previous owner. It has held up very well and the car needs a few rust spots fixed on the chassis, but structurally it appears quite good. CAC president George Dyke and Jeff got a U-Haul car trailer and hauled it back to Jeff’s garage. With a new battery and clean out of the fuel tank where the filler tube had rusted and deposited it’s debris, the car managed to start and run like a charm! A little work still needs to be done and a new set of tires fitted, but overall, – a very nice 425cc 2CV!


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