New Book: Panhard & Citroën – Un Mariage de Raison?

The relationship between Panhard & Levassor and Citroën lasted a little over twelve years. To be more precise, from April 1955 to September 1967, when the last Panhard 24 rolled off the production line. The Panhard spirit, however, lived on at Citroën: the people and the know-how that came directly from the Avenue d’Ivry benefited Citroen for many models produced subsequent to Citroën taking over Panhard.

More than fifty years have now passed and it is time to look at the events objectively. Authors and Panhard connoisseurs Yann Le Lay and Bernard Vermeylen recount the fascinating history of the ‘marriage’ between Panhard and Citroën in this 276 page book. A must for everyone who is interested in both brands, and for those who are simply curious about automotive history in general.

The book can be ordered immediately on for € 47,50.

Order now for delivery at the end of May / early June.

ISBN: 978-90-831417-8-7
Authors: Yann Le Lay and Bernard Vermeylen
Language: french


  1. Very few people know that Citroën and CHAPRON then were related by marriage.
    Indeed, Francoise CHAPRON who lead the firm from 1968 to 1985 was a cousin, by blood of the Panhard family…

  2. I still have a 75-cent 1958 “Mechanix Illustrated” devoted to descriptions & road tests of various small cars. It made me want a Panhard for my 1st car. Although I ended up with a 2-stroke Saab instead, how ironic is it that I now have a Citroën 2CV? You can see how I’d want to snap this book up in an instant IF IT WERE ONLY IN ENGLISH. If a translated version is made, THAT’S what I’d get, so, if they DO make one, please let us know when it comes out–I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d order it THEN.

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