2024 (and beyond…):

  • Apr. 3–7, ’24 – 34th Techno Classica – Essen, Germany.  Not only a mecca for Citroëns but a world show for vintage, classic and prestige automobiles, motorsport, motorcycles, spare parts, and restoration. http://www.techno-classica.de/tce_uk.php?m=3&ms=1
  • May 4 & 5, ’24 – Citro-Classica – Vliegveld Twenthe Enschede (Netherlands).  For Citroën enthusiasts (from young to old): springtime in a French atmosphere. https://en.citro-classica.nl/
  • May 9–11, ’24 – 90 Years of the Traction Avant – International Traction Avant Meeting at Circuit de Charade, Puy de Dome, France — considered by Sir Stirling Moss as the nicest circuit in the world.
    • The agenda will include; a temporary museum dedicated to the Traction Avant, a Concours d’élégance, Conferences on the Traction and Citroën history, touristic rallies and opportunities to drive your Traction, in the beautiful sceneries of the Auvergne region (centre of France)

Sept. 13–15, ’24  –  CX Jubilee at the Château de Montigny-le-Gannelon (GPS: 48.01245842333103, 1.2350579002702877) in Eure-et-Loire, France, a stone’s throw from Le Perche. https://www.jubilecitroencx.net/ Contact: information@jubilecitroencx.net.

  • Nov. 8–10, ’24  –  Salon Époqu’Auto – Parc Eurexpo, Lyon-Chassieu, France. A major fall event for Citroën and other classic car enthusiasts. More info at: https://epoquauto.com/
  • July 29 Aug. 3, ’25  –  25th World Meeting of the Friends of the 2CV – Slovenia. More info TBA.

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