2018 (and beyond…):


  • Aug. ’18 – (specific date TBA) – Traction Avant Tracbar Dundee 2018 Road Trip Australia – trek across Australia (for up to 4 weeks) to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the French T3 events and motorcycle agency created in Australia in 1998.   There will be 20 vehicles and so far there is still room for 8 vehicles (2 or 3 adults per vehicle is possible).  The average price of this adventure is between 8000 and 14000 € per person (it depends how many weeks you would like to travel).  For more info contact Isabelle Humbert, T3 Agency France.  Tel: 33 617960339 or email: humbert.isabelle@gmail.com


  • Aug 31 – Sept 2 ’18  – 40th Anniversary of the Citroën Car Club of South Africa – Walkerville, Gauteng.  The biggest event in the history of the Citroën Car Club of South Africa.  Also the 23rd anniversary of 2cv Friends of South Africa Raids with a cross-country caravan.  More info at: www.citroencarclubsa.co.za


  • July 19 – 21 ’19  –  Citroën Centenary Celebration – at the site of la Ferté Vidame in Perche, France.  100 year anniversary celebration of the founding of the Citroën company by André Citroën.  Said to be the “Meeting of the Century”, registration is now open at: http://en.citroencc.com/.  If you intend to attend the event we suggest you make plans immediately as it promises to be a huge event that no doubt will tax local accommodation choices.


  • July 29 – Aug. 4 ’19  –  23rd Friends of the 2CV World Meeting – Croatia, near Grobnik (near Rijeka city, the largest port in Croatia).  Exact location TBA.


  • Aug 5 – 9, 2020  –  17th ICCCR – Torun Poland.   More info TBA.


  • Summer 2021  –  24th Friends of the 2CV World Meeting – Switzerland (Exact dates and location TBD.)



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