2019 (and beyond…):


  • June 27 –  Sept. 1 ’19  –  Belgium Citroën Centenary Exposition in the Autoworld Musem – with the help of Citroën Belux, the Conservatoire and the Amicale Belge des Clubs Citroën.  Location: Parc du Cinquantenaire 11 – 1000 Bruxelles.  The exhibit will house 50 cars including; a 1919 10 HP type A, XM V6 24v, 6 cars built by custom coachbuilders, a Traction 11 TTT,  Traction 15/6 Worblaufen, 2 x CV Radar, 2 x CV Bijou, a DS 21 Palm Beach, an SM Opéra, plus concept cars, racing cars and regular production models.  More info at: www.autoworld.be


  • July 13 & 14 ’19  – Celebration Centenaire Citroën Saigon – organized by the Saigon Classic Car Club.  Currently, there are a few hundred Citroëns in Vietnam, mainly Traction Avant series, 2CV, DS – ID, HY Van, Ami, Dyane, Mehari, La Dalat, CX, GS, and newer cars.  In order to lift up the passion, all Citroën fans are invited to join the “Célébration Centenaire Citroën” in Saigon.  Our Facebook page is: https://bit.ly/2UrzJ24


  • July 14 ’19  –  Parade through Brussels – organized by Citroën Belux.  An anticipated gathering of 300+ Citroens commencing in the outskirts of Brussels near the Autoworld Museum. (Parc du Cinquantenaire 11 – 1000 Bruxelles.)  More info at: www.citroen.be


  • July 19 – 21 ’19  –  Célébration Centenaire Citroën – at the site of la Ferté Vidame in Perche, France.  100-year anniversary celebration of the founding of the Citroën company by André Citroën.  Said to be the “Meeting of the Century”, registration is now open at: http://en.citroencc.com/.  If you intend to attend the event we suggest you make plans immediately as it promises to be a huge event that no doubt will tax local accommodation choices.  (Organizers identified in March more than 2500 rooms.  You can find them on the website: https://citroencc.com, accommodation page.  There is also camping about 2 kilometers from the event site.  It is located on the Hippodrome of La Ferté-Vidame.  You can settle with your tent, caravan or camping-car, from Thursday July 18th 2pm to Monday July 22nd, 10am.)  ATTENTION: LAST DAYS for your REGISTRATION, IN JULY IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO REGISTER AT “La Ferté-Vidame”.


  • July 29 – Aug. 4 ’19  –  23rd Friends of the 2CV World Meeting – Croatia, near Grobnik (near Rijeka city, the largest port in Croatia).   Download the agenda here: https://www.sugarsync.com/pf/D1866000_192_220166994.  A Citroёn Museum will be organized as part of the Meeting, focusing on the presentation of the models produced in the area of former Yugoslavia-  in Slovenian Koper and at the factories from that time – Tomos and Cimos.  There will be over 20 models exhibited chronologically. The assistance and support in realization of this Museum we have also by the side of Citroёn Club Slovenia and its members.  In addition, the powerful Citroёn scene that existed in the former state Yugoslavia (through the activities of the YU AS club 1964 – 1991) will be presented through films, photographs, magazines, souvenirs, prizes etc. We will refresh our memories (with some live participants) about the 1st Citroёn World Meeting held in Poreč, Croatia, in 1973, where 800 Citroёn from all around the world participated, and this meeting is considered the predecessor of today’s ICCCR.  After the 23rd 2CV World Meeting, the group is organizing two 2cv Raids across Croatia for a period of 5 days in which all Citroёn vehicles produced from 1948 to 1990 will be able to participate.  The completion of the 2CV Raids is scheduled for 9th August 2019 by parking of all participants in the centre of Split (Adriatic Raid) and Osijek (Continental Raid).  Register here: https://www.2cv.hr/en/


  • Oct. 5 & 6, 2019 – French Blue Meeting 2019.   Japan’s largest gathering of Citroëns – yearly in Nagoya.


  • Feb 6 – 17, 2020 – 2CV-Raid Lapland 2020 – We are now organizing 2 raids for 2020. The first of 2 routes with have longer laps, more challenging accommodation, more adventure. We call it “The Extreme”. The route ends at the yearly market of Jokkmokk, capital of Lapland where we will meet the 2nd route. The 2nd route (“The Classic”) has good accommodation arranged every night and is a bit more relax. The route starts at the yearly market in Jokkmokk. For more information, check out: https://www.facebook.com/2cvRaidLapland/ or please contact: lapinkierros@outlook.com



  • Summer 2021  –  24th Friends of the 2CV World Meeting – Switzerland.  (Exact dates TBD.)  The location will in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in the canton Jura not far from its capital Delémont, located in a beautiful natural setting between the communities of Courroux, Courrendlin and Val-Terbi.



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