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Our Citroënvie 2023 Printed Calendar is Now Available!

Citroënvie e-Calendar Event Listings:

Click on the the following links to access our CITROËNVIE e-Calendar that you can feed into your calendar app.  There are 4 regions of e-Calendars available, so you can choose to sync to one, two, three, or all four depending on what events you want see.  (Note that they display event names and dates only and do not show the photos and icons that folks love about our print calendar.)

Apple iOS format – iCloud (click & directly import into Calendar):

To add a calendar to an Android with Google Calendar, follow these steps:

1)  Select the calendar URL(s) listed below that you would like to view.

Canada Events Calendar (copy & paste):


USA Events Calendar (copy & paste):


Europe Events Calendar (copy & paste):


2CV Club of Quebec Province (copy & paste):


(Note: Not following this procedure and trying to paste the iCloud URL into Google Calendar directly, you will probably see this error: “Could not fetch the URL because robots.txt prevents us from crawling the URL.”)

2) In Google Calendar, click on the left Main Menu (the 3 horizontal bar icon) to display the calendar list.

3) Click on the “+” beside “Add a friend’s calendar”.  Select “From URL” in the dropdown menu and paste the link you copied above in step #1.  (It will say that you can paste any iCalendar URL.)

4) Click the “Add Calendar” button on the bottom right of the prompt window.  Your new calendar will show up in the list under “Other Calendars,” and events should show up right away.

5) Rename the new calender (which should now display the long URL you copied) by clicking on it and change the name in the Calendar settings area.  (For example: USA Citroen Events Calendar.)   The name will update accordingly in your calendar list.

To add a calendar to an Android device (not using Google Calendar), follow these steps:

1)  In Google Play Store find and download “ICSdroid”:  (Cost is $1.99 USD for app.  The app source code is free if you know programming and want to install it on your own.)

2) Once installed, click on the “+” icon in “My subscriptions” and paste the link you copied above in step #1 of  “Add a calendar to an Android with Google Calendar” into the URL field of the “Subscribe calendar” window. 

3) Set the sync interval prompt to which the calendar will be updated from the server. 

4) Complete the set-up action by choosing “Subscribe calendar”

5) Name the calendar (For example: USA Citroen Events Calendar.) and select an appropriate display color.  [The calendar title sould be suggested automatically.  You can change title and color at any time later on.]

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