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Mark Krahn’s 1960 ID19 Safari. It takes considerable courage to resuscitate a Citroën D that has sat outside for more than two decades in the British Columbia climate, but Mark Krahn of Armstrong, BC took up the challenge of this 1960 ID19 Safari, (S/N 3304263), doing a restoration for the most part at home, with results that are stunning.

Mark Krahn’s 1958 2CV. Mark Krahn in Armstrong BC, has done an outstanding renovation on this lovely 1958 2CV he purchased in 2016. We are pleased to show it here as a fine example of what is possible. What’s even more impressive is that for the most part, it was a home effort.

Ethan Giffin – 1970 Mehari Restoration.  Ethan Giffin lives in Baltimore MD and loves Méharis.  So much so that he has built a Facebook page called Méhari Club USA and has been encouraging US Mehari owners to like the page and submit pics of their camels.  Ethan feels that Méhari owners are the red-headed step child of the Citroen family and he is trying to build some community.  In 2016 he completed a beautiful 6 month restoration of his 1970 Méhari with extensive photos of his progress.



Lionel Hondier – 2CV Charleston Rebuild.   Lionel Hondier in Vancouver, BC has been busy eradicating rust from the east.  This 2CV was driven there in the summer of 2015 from Ontario with a rusted frame and many things needed to be repaired… from brakes to suspensions to pedal floors, etc…  (Surprising it made it!)  A new galvanized frame was the starting point for the car’s re-build.  Lionel working on it to make it safe again to drive and today (Dec. 2, 2016) it passed today the BC safety inspection.   Congratulations Lionel on a nice repair!



George Klein’s 1972 SM.   George is tackling yet another SM restoration.  Purchased in April 2015 in Waterloo, Ontario, this SM (serial number SB005755, 2.7L 5-speed) lay in storage partially disassembled for 20 years.  It has just 66,000 miles and the original Michelin XWX tires.  Other than the rear view mirror on the driver’s door, it’s all original right down to the nuts and bolts.  Looks like the body has never even seen a hoist!   It’s perfect and no rust!   George is doing a complete tear down.  Stay tuned for pics as the car is rebuilt!

George Klein's 1972 SM Restoration

Update: Aug. 26, 2017: – All ready to roll.  Just the turning lights hookup, wiper blades and a few piece of chrome is what’s left to do.  George has put in more than 1000 hours of disassemble and re-assemble time.  Using all Citroën parts including and nuts and bolts, it is as original as an SM can be.  Even an original 72 radio and antenna.  All that is missing are new Michelin XWX SM tires.



Kenji Yoshino’s 1982 2CV.   Lionel lives (of Vancouver, BC) tackles extensive body repair on Kenji’s (FPS/2CV Source owner in Seattle, WA) car.  It required: new floors, seals, inner rear fenders and a complete inside/outside paint job.  Of course Kenji supplied the parts!   🙂  The colour is the original Citroën Vert Jade.  Very nice, – both in workmanship and the colour!  .

2cv kenji 080 redux -1024x769


George Klein’s 1973 2.7L SM 5-speed.   George worked for 2 years on this original but neglected SM he bought in New York State.  He fully disassembled the car and rebuilt it.

George Klein in SM (original)


Roland Voegele’s 1956 Traction Avant 11BL.   Roland purchased this lovely Traction from Bob Larouche in Fredericton New Brunswick in April 2014.  Bob had bought it from Pierre Bernard in Montreal in the fall of 2012.  Pierre did an extensive restoration of the vehicle which is documented here.

Roland Voegele Traction 11BL_31


Doug Pengelly’s 1969 DS21.  In 2004 Doug undertook an ambitious rebuild of a DS21 that had severe rust in the sills and lower firewall areas.  Doug fitted custom made steel beams in the door sills to strengthen that area and did a lot of welding to the floors and the bulkhead..

Doug Pengelly holding rust


•  Lionel Hondier’s 2CV Truckette.   Lionel lives in Vancouver and spends a great of his time restoring 2CVs to a very high standard.  He has commenced work on a complete rebuild of this 2CV truckette.

Lionel Hondier 2CV Truckette Restoration - 2014-05


Eric Fantin’s 1966 DS21.   Eric lives in Minnesota and is taking his time doing a careful restoration of a 1966 DS21.  (He only works on this one in the winter as in the spring and summer he attends to other cars.)  He started with a bare, rust free shell, and fitted a new wiring harness, new style swing arms line versus the old swivel joints and in the winter of 2014 is working on the motor installing a new clutch and all the miscellaneous seals and O rings.  He has now just finished the dash, windshield, roof and rear window.  Next he will rebuild the brakes and parking brakes and add the rest of the parts needed, like water pump, starter motor before connecting the hydraulics, installing the gas tank and completing all the ancillary bits.

Eric Fantin DS -1


• Philippe Devingt’s – 1961 ID19 Break.  Phil and his friend Dave Kelley came across this ID19 sitting by the side of the road near St. Catherines, Ontario back in the early 2003 and debuted it’s finished restoration at Citroën Autoclub Canada’s Christmas party in December 2004.  He did most of the work at his home garage in Sarnia, Ontario.  Phil subsequently sold it to a fellow in California to pursue the restoration of a 1966 DS21 Cabriolet that he had recently acquired.    



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