In 2020, Citroën Autoclub Canada created an award in memory of David Kane — a longtime member of CAC and a true legend in our Citroën community. Dave kept a stash of Citroëns and other cars, all in “rather needy” shape, at various Southern Ontario locations. A trophy is handed out each year to a Club member who, in the past year, has found a Citroën barn find, or worked to preserve a Citroën from the fate of going to a crusher.
We announce the winner at our annual Christmas Party.
The Dave Kane – “All it needs is a clutch” award, is named after the famous saying we had about Dave’s cars and what he and his good friend, Glen Fryer, always exclaimed no matter how derelict a Citroën they came across.

For its inaugural year, the Dave Kane – “All it needs is a clutch” award was presented posthumously to Dave and given to his eldest daughter Crystal.  It was awarded during part of Citroën Autoclub Canada’s Fall outing on October 3, 2020, when the Club also held A Celebration of Life for Dave.

George Dyke presents the Dave Kane – “All it Needs is a Clutch” award to Crystal Kane.

Bernard Laborde, our French Citroën mechanic in Toronto, and specialist in the marque, was awarded the 2021 Dave Kane – “All it needs is a clutch” award for his remarkable resuscitation of a DS Safari that was rescued from the estate of the late John Mazmanian in Ft. Erie Ontario back in 2011. You can read about his accomplishment and see 2 videos of the result here: Congratulations Bernard!

Bernard Laborde is presented the Dave Kane – “All it Needs is a Clutch” award by George Dyke.


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