Earlier this spring, the Citroëns at the Mullin Automotive Museum in Oxnard California were sold to the highest bidder.

Now, the gorgeous private Citroën collection of Louis Grenier near Montreal, Quebec, Canada is being sold. The reason for sale has not been disclosed, but the cars are to appear on the www.pcarmarket.com auction site, with the first one — a 1972 M35 Prototype #424 being offered now. (The collection would have been listed in the Citroënvie marketplace, but we do not accept auction ads — only ones where an actual purchase price stated.)

We have written about Louis Grenier’s collection many times. He is affectionately known as Louis XIV (the 14th) because at one point he owned 14 Traction Avant 15-6H Citroëns. For many years Louis held an open house “Méchoui” for the Quebec VEA (Vintage European Automobiles club) at his fabulous collection housed at a private airport just southeast of Montréal.

The late Claude Guillot took care of Louis’ cars. Claude was service manager for Citroën’s corporate office in Montreal until the company closed their operation and left Canada. From there, retirement wasn’t in the cards, so he kept actively working on Citroëns, particularly Louis’ extensive collection.

Claude Guillot

Here are photos taken of Louis’ collection at the various Méchoui he held.

Update — July 11, 2024: The M35 was bid to $15,230 USD and did not meet reserve. At the auction’s close a “buy it now” price of $26,500 USD was posted along with the following comment:
AlexBert (seller)
Thanks so Much Bidders & Commenters. Price 🏷️ Known. Drop Post Auction Bids. Ideally Buy Now. We will find a Happy Middle for Sure in a timely Manner. Have a Pleasant Weekend.


  1. I hate putting negative comments, but I can’t help myself with this one. Why would someone pick this site to auction off their Citroen? It’s a Porsche focused auction site. Why wouldn’t they go to Bring a Trailer which is by far the best place to auction Citroens.in North America…

    1. I was told by the person who listed the 1972 M35 Prototype that Bring a Trailer is no longer accepting listings for vehicles located in Quebec. Apparently this is due to liability issues relating to Quebec regulations.

  2. Dosen’t BAT only allow one car of a certain type to be auctioned at any one time? Like say, one Traction only so often? Or am I wrong?

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