Graham H Wilson, GSection Registrar of the Citroën Car Club in the UK, recently uploaded a video of a GS Birotor that visited him a few weeks ago at his home in Milton Keynes.  It was only in mainland UK for a few days on its first long run with its new owner.   Graham says that as he knows there is only one other GS Birotor that is roadworthy in the UK.

Here is a video of it driving.  The sound of the rotary engine at 5,000 revs in 2nd [of 3 gears] is wonderful.

The only GS Birotor that we are aware of in North America is at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.   It is operational after a very pricey engine rebuild in Europe a few years back.


Graham’s other Citroëns include:  1978 GS Pallas C-matic; 1981 GSA Special 1129cc; 1985 Visa Special 652cc twin pot; 1988 BX 16 TRS Automatic.

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