Update on Front Disc Brakes for the Traction Avant

Back in November 2020, we reported in Citroenvie that Pierre Duperray in France was working on a front disc brake conversion for 4 cylinder models of the Traction Avant.

We are pleased to announce that he now has a Traction Avant 11B so equipped and is doing final tests. Pierre reports; ” Operation is good. It is very easy to lock the wheels now [if you attempt a full-force panic stop] and the braking depends a lot on the grip of the tires on the road.”

Here are photos of the disc brake kit installed.

This modification makes a lot of sense as you get better stopping power and do not have to worry about machining the old drums. Plus you save a bit of weight in the front end without the old drums.

If you would like more info or to purchase his modification, contact Pierre at: boite4v@gmail.com.


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