Driving.ca just posted this great piece on John Anthony MacGregor (aka Johnny Mac), his love for Citroëns and the tireless effort he makes in Western Canada encouraging others to take the plunge and enjoy their attributes. As the article says (quoting Johnny); “I like to see myself as the face of Citroën Autoclub Canada in Vancouver,” he says, “I don’t want us to just become part of the Seattle group. We’re unique.”

Johhny sat down with the article’s author, Brendan McCaleer, to describe how he developed a passion for Citroëns and how he has become the “go-to” guy in British Columbia for virtually all the Citroën owners there. And in the article are fabulous photos of Johnny’s fleet to which each he has bestowed fanciful names;

  • 1957 Traction Avant 11 Commerciale “Paris”  (car had Paris 75 plates painted on)
  • 1965 Ami 6 USA “Ziva” (named after first owner Ziva from Santa Monica)
  • 1967 DS 21 Pallas “Xavier” (named after my French 9 — the most outrageous name Johnny could come up with for a presentation)
  • 1968 Dyane 6 “Kenji”  (as in Kenji Yoshino who gave it to him for his 50th birthday to restore!)
  • 1972 DS 21 Pallas “Andre” (named after Johnny’s Dad’s mechanic André)
  • 1972 ID 21 Wagon “Pierre” (named after Peter Lekkas of S. San Francisco.  Pierre sur Mer)
  • 1975 2CV 6 “Monika” (named after Monika Adshead of Chris and Monika who started the Club on the west coast)
  • 1986 CX TRD Turbo ” Jean Luc”  

Also in piece are kudo’s to West Coast members Chris Adshead, Garry Cullen and Greg and John Long, along with Johnny’s partner, Aki Ichikawa, who fortunately tolerates Johnny being a die-hard Citroholic. Read all about Johnny here: https://driving.ca/car-culture/vintage-collectible/vancouvers-ambassador-of-citroen

Congratulations Johnny for being an outstanding and longtime Ambassador for both Citroëns and the Club!


  1. Thanks George for the nice write up! Looking forward to some trips back east to see the “other” Citroen AutoClub Canada folks and attend some of your events! In the meantime, hope everyone gets their shots, stays safe, and keeps your Citroens running smoothly! 🙂 >>

  2. Hi Johnny Mac, nice story for sure. I still regret missing out on Kermit, but crossing the border and title issues seemed difficult. Hopefully another Break will appear from you.

    Tim Clark

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