E-Petition to Re-instate Ethanol-Free Gas at the Pumps in Canada

We have written extensively about the detrimental effects of ethanol on classic cars (including Citroëns) and that the Federal Government of Canada quietly mandated that all grades of gasoline sold at the pumps be required to have an ethanol blend by the end of 2023.

That there is a Lobby group in Canada called the NAACC (National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada) who want to put a stop to this sort of nonsense.  They have created an approved petition through the House of Commons Web Site asking that the Federal Government reverse their decision and make ethanol-free gas in higher octane grades once again available at the pumps in Canada. 

This petition is supported by the NAACC who are also sending it out through their network. 

Please consider supporting this petition – it only takes a couple of minutes to sign. It will be closed in just 10 days — on April 17th, 2024.

As Car Hobbyists we cannot just sit here without fighting back. This petition has the potential to reach 50,000 plus people in Canada for signatures.

Update — May 1, 2025: This was URL to it but the government has removed petition signing as the deadline has now passed: https://www.ourcommons.ca/petitions/en/Petition/Sign/e-4735



  1. I have been following the discussion on the recent proceedings to mandate 10% ethanol in all automotive fuels. The attached conversation from the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association on fuels for aviation use might be of interest to you. If you are not familiar with aviation fuels, here is a bit of background. All spark ignition aircraft engines, with one small exception, were certified to run on leaded aviation gasoline. The only currently available certified fuel is 100 octane with lower lead content, known as 100LL. Some years ago, several organizations succeeded in having automotive gasoline approved for use in primarily lower horsepower engines under a revision to the original certification, resulting in a supplemental type certificate (STC). However, the inclusion of ethanol into gasoline presents problems for aviation use which are discussed in the attached article. Transport Canada has banned all gasolines with any ethanol content.

    The COPA discussion is not clear in identifying if sources of ethanol free auto fuel are still available. The aircraft I fly use aviation fuel only. There are gliding clubs in the area that do use auto gas for their tow planes. If I can find out from them if they have a source of ethanol free auto gas, I will let you know. However, it appears likely that all aircraft which previously used unleaded auto gas will now be forced to return to burning leaded fuel with all the environmental concerns that come with this.

    One last comment. COPA refer to a recent petition initiated on behalf of vintage automobile owners. Perhaps you know more of this. Maybe a collection of multiple car clubs joining the petition could sway the minds of our fearless leaders. But then again, probably not.

  2. Please remove ethonal from gas until at least 2035 by which time the EV’s should have taken over. Older vehicles are damaged by ethanol.

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