Find Your Citroën! — Exclusive Feature for Citroënvie Members.

If you would like to buy (or upgrade to) the Citroën of your dreams, we offer a way like no other.

All too often we see Citroëns listed for sale on classic car sites or auctions that people think are great buys, but there are serious red flags! We can help you make an intelligent purchase that gets you the best Citroën you can afford. We do this solely because we have a passion for Citroëns and want to see them stay with Citroënthusiasts who truly appreciate them.

Tell us what type of Citroën you are looking for and we’ll connect you with the seller as soon as we hear of one that meets your requirements!

How do we do it?
We know the Citroën community and have leads on a great many models that are coming up for sale or are available now. We keep a record of what type of Citroën you want, and compare that to every great one we come across. If we find a match, we contact you, pair you with the seller and you can take it from there.

What’s the cost?

We provide this ‘search & inform’ service FREE to Citroënvie Members! It’s another benefit of being a Paid Member rather than just a Subscriber.

And if you want, we can provide additional services (that we do charge for), such as; purchase advice, appraisal, transportation options and after-sale service sourcing.

How do I get on-board?

Specify what model of classic Citroën, what condition and what your budget is by filling in the form below and sending it to us.

First Name:

Last Name:



Your email:

Your phone #:

Desired Classic Citroën model:

  • Traction Avant (specify type: 7 or 11 BL, 11 Normale, Familiale, 15-6, convertible)
  • HY Van
  • 2CV (375 cc engine, 435 cc engine, 602 cc engine, — solid color, Dolly, Charleston)
  • Dyane
  • Mehari
  • DS / ID (sedan, wagon, convertible)
  • Ami (6, 8 , super)
  • GS (early GS, GSA, Break)
  • SM (automatic, manual)
  • CX (sedan, wagon, Prestige, Turbo)
  • BX
  • XM
  • Other ___________

Preferred year:

Wanted Features:

Preferred Exterior Color:

Preferred Interior Color:

Desired Condition (Choose one):

  • Concours (Original and 100% perfect – or – professionally restored to ‘like new’ condition.)
  • Excellent (Extremely well cared for and a properly functioning in all respects.)
  • Very Nice (Very well cared for – no rust car – though may need minor work to bring it to excellent condition.)
  • Driver Quality (a good running driver but may require some mechanical attention. Minor rust may be present that could use bodywork.)
  • Not running (solid car that needs moderate mechanical work to get running. Rust present that requires bodywork to put the car on the road.)
  • Barn find – (total project that requires extensive mechanical and complete bodywork — i.e. a full restoration.)

Willing to import?: (Yes or No)

Price Range (in US dollars): (Please be realistic depending on the condition you have selected above and be serious with the ability to make an immediate purchase.)


We will confirm receipt and notify you of any Citroëns that meet your criteria.

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