1952 Citroën Traction Avant Light 15

The car is rust free with the exception of one hole (approximate 1 inch) in the forward left floor of the trunk (boot).  It has leather interior, wood trim dash, external vent wings, good glass throughout, original factory floor coverings, original faux leather interior door trim with pockets, semaphore turn indicators, brightwork on grill, hubcaps (one missing), top of fender parking lights, headlights, Citroën script on boot, and bumpers.  Car is right-hand-drive. I purchased it in Malaysia in 1973 and drove it there up and down the east coast of West Malaysia then drove to Port Klang and shipped the car to Boston.  Cleared US Customs and drove it to Connecticut where it has languished since 1974.  I’d now call it a barn find in today’s jargon. The engine is free (turns with the starter) but obviously it will need brakes, exhaust, two tires, and attention to the gas tank.  Not proud of myself for letting it sit all those years.  I became very busy with work and family.  It’s a handsome car, drove well, and if I had the time and skill I’d put it back on the road.  It may be factory original paint, a dark gray with hint of dark green in it. You’ll see touch-ups here and there that probably looks like an attempt to cover up rust incursion.  These spots of iron colored primer were there when I bought the car.  They haven’t changed in all those years and I assume the previous owner was addressing stone chips.  My preference is always to preserve originality as much as possible.  With paint match what it is today, this car could be brought to a standard that looked like factory. So, a very original Light Fifteen that I’d like to see find a new home.  Asking $13,000 US. Located in Shelton, CT. Email: cwe7661@rcn.com or call: 860-542-5200 or 802-895-4563.

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