Want an instant Citroën Collection?

7* Legendary Citroëns are for sale in Switzerland. The owner wants to sell them all together:

1953 Traction-Avant 15-6. 6 cylinder engine. 58,000 original kms. Older paint, original interior, technical maintenance done, new tyres, good driver, front windshield-sun-visor.

1972 DS23 i.e. 121,000 original kms. New paint, with original air-conditioning. Original radio, black leather interior.

1972 SM injection. 28,000 original kms. Original air-conditioning, black leather interior. Older restoration.

1974 Ami 6. 73,000 original kms.

1989 CX Prestige (long wheel base). 104,000 original kms. Automatic-transmission, air-conditioning, leather interior.

1993 XM V6 3.0L. 110,000 original kms. Automatic transmission, air-conditioning, leather interior.

Asking price: EXW, without VAT — $235,000 USD*.

* There are actually 7 Citroëns being offered. Notice that in the group photo there is a C6 (on the far right) and the Ami 6 is not shown.  We asked if the C6 is also included in the $235,000 USD sale price?  The owner responded saying; “I will find a good C6 to go with the collection”.


For further info, pics, etc… contact: Max A. Hess. Email: max.hess@act-specialcar.ch or phone: +41 794 228 273

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