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1964 Citroën 2CV Truckette

86,154 kms.  Comes with history book of restoration from a to z, done a few years ago.  Extra parts also included (too many to list, but will provide to new owner of course).  Clean.  Non smoker, no pets or kids ever inside.  Always garaged.  Rain & dust cover included.   Located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Price: $8,500.00 US firm.  Comes with many extra parts.  Selling because I’m buying a sail boat.  Contact: Philippe Laine.  Tel: 561-889-5799 or email:    For more photos click here.    01/17    FL



1953 Citroën Traction Avant  11BL

New paint on a rust free car.  Many new mech parts.  Runs and drives very nicely.  Interior mostly orig.  Decent cond.  Asking $18,500.00 US.  Located in southwest Florida.  Call Peter Pitcher for info: 941-505-5531.       FL   01/17



1986 Citroën 2CV Pick-up

Unique!  Built in September 1986 and registered as such.  Customized later on.  Has the larger 652 cc 2 cylinder Visa motor and a galvanized chassis.  Equipped with a hydraulic dump bed.  This car belonged to my father’s classic car collection.  It is in perfect condition!  Location: Minden, Germany.  Asking $15,950.00 US.  Contact: Bettina.  Email: or phone 305.517.3785.        12/16



1968 Citroën Break (Wagon)

Southern Florida car.  4 speed.  No rust.  62,000 miles. Recently reconditioned by Dave Burnham.  New rebuilt transmission.   Hydraulic system, reconditioned.  New or recharged spheres.  New headliner and carpeting.  Paint is 3 years old.  New tires (Cooper).  Turning headlights.  Fresh and ready for the road.  $20,500.00 US.  Call John. Tel: 716-860-4622.       NY    4/16

DS20 Break - John Canney


1952 Citroën Traction 11BL

Very nice car.  Two tone grey.  Bodywork and interior trim in excellent condition.  Mechanical (engine, gearbox, clutch, starter) recently redone.  New electrical wiring.  Car is located in Québec City area.  Asking price: $ 16,000.00 CAD.  Contact seller at 514-246-3872 or by email :        7/14    QC

Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-1  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-2  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-3  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-4  Yanick Villedieu - 1952 Traction 11BL-5


1970 Citroën D-Special

New exhaust system, fairly new front spheres, a new high pressure pump and it runs well.  Unfortunately the car got hit by a tornado.  It now has a 1967 front clip on it.  There is structural rust.  Trying to sell it quickly so I’m asking just $1,000 US.  Car is located in Illinois.   Call David Shaffer at: 217-883-1212, or email:       8/15    IL
David Sfaffer - 1970 D Special 6   David Sfaffer - 1970 D Special 8   David Sfaffer - 1970 D Special 7   David Sfaffer - 1970 D Special 1





Zenith carburetor for 435cc engine (I think)

Appears to be reconditioned.  Yours for the shipping if you can use it.  Contact Robert Gaeddert in Wichita, Kansas.  Tel: 316.305.6262.  (It may help to text before calling.  I don’t always answer phone numbers I don’ recognize.)  email:   Please make the subject line Citroen.     KA    4/17


Citroën Traction Avant 15-Six generator and fan

Fits Traction 15-6 model years 1947-55.  Used. Looks good but not tested.  $600.00 USD +Freight.  Contact Per Ahlstrom.  Please respond via email to        PA    3/17



Citroën models;  1 DS19 Sedan and DS 19 Cabriolet

Each car would be about 12” long when assembled. Original in-the-box, 1:16 scale.  $75.00 US for the pair.  Contact Paul D’Arconte in Atlanta, GA.  Tel: 404.835.4825 or email:    GA    3/17



Citroën  Traction Avant Wiper Motors.

Fits Traction models 11B and 11BL from 1939-1952 (wipers above windshield).  $90.00 USD, $100.00 USD and $125.00 USD + Freight.  Contact Per Ahlstrom.   Please respond via email to       11/16   PA



Citroën Traction Avant – pair of wiper axles.

Fits Traction Avant models 11B and 11BL from 1939-52 (wipers above windshield).  $60.00 USD + Freight.  Contact Per Ahlstrom.  Please respond via email to       11/16   PA



Citroën 2CV Clutch Kit (brand new) 

New clutch from Der Franzose in Germany.  Part no.10086.  Suitable for Citroën 2CV6+4, constructed from 1970 to 1982.  Price: $90 CAN.  Contact Douglas Ogle in Brighton, Ontario.  Tel: 613-475-0744 or e-mail:        ON   10/16



Citroën – Early D Model Tool Kit

This is a tool kit in its original case for the first series of the D model.  It is impossible to find anywhere and would certainly complete the early car if you have one.  I am asking $295.00 CAD or would entertain a reasonable offer.  Located in Toronto.  If interested call Arnold: 905-669-2299          ON   9/16



Citroën 2CV Parts from 1956 Truckette

Old style corrugated hood and two front fenders, plus windscreen wiper motor and original English language owners manual.  $950.00 US.   Located in Garrison, NY.   Call Peter at: 845.424.4578           NY    10/15

Peter Hazou - 1956 2CV Truckette Front 1  Peter Hazou - 1956 2CV Truckette Front 2  Peter Hazou - 1956 2CV Truckette Front 3  Peter Hazou - 1956 2CV Truckette Front 4


1971 Citroën ID Turning Lights

Complete set of turning lights, mechanicals & including glass for sale.  $1,000 CAD would take it.   Will also include various d trim and bumper.   Contact: George Klein.  Tel: 416-400-0554   Email:         ON    9/15

George Klein DS Turning Headlights 1  George Klein DS Turning Headlights 2  George Klein DS Turning Headlights 3








Trafficlutch Unit for an Ami

Need the entire trafficlutch unit for an Ami 6.  If you have one, please contact Manny Motashaw at 646.884.2790 or 212.218 4520 or email:        11/16    NY




Cars that have SOLD on CITROËNVIE:


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