Brad was born in Mechanicsburg, PA and grew up in nearby Northern York County. During his youth he always seemed to have a wrench in his hand taking and interest in anything mechanical while watching and helping his dad.

In 1970, Brad started at Red’s Citroën Sales and Service in Lewisberry, PA. Donald “Red” Dellinger had been in business since the mid-1960s. Brad started his Citroën career in the wash rack, cleaning and detailing new and used Citroëns. As he was nearing 16, Red had begun to realize that he had good mechanical aptitude. When Brad graduated from high school he had become a proficient mechanic, especially on Citroën DS and SM; even doing major maintenance and engine repairs.

Shortly after Citroën was no longer sold in the US (1973), the dealership became a Peugeot and Renault franchise, but there were still a fair number of Citroëns coming in for repairs. By the late ‘70s, the decision was made by Red to no longer sell new cars. The shop closed temporarily then reopened as a Citroën repair and restoration shop with just one mechanic (Brad).

The shop was very busy repairing and restoring Citroëns until 1993 when Red and Brad parted ways.

In March 1994, Brad purchased all of the Citroën parts from Red (and eventually many other dealers and shops) and began Brad Nauss Automotive in Mechanicsburg, PA, specializing in Citroën parts and consultation.

By 1994, Brad was promoting Citroën as part of the Carlisle Import show, and the Citroën Club of North America was officially in attendance. Then came the breakup of the club. After many years of promoting activities and enticing Citroën owners to attend the Import Show, Brad was not going to let it die. Along with a small group of friends, Brad decided that “Citroëns at Carlisle” would be the new “venue” that would continue to bring Citroëns to Carlisle.

In May 2019, Brad celebrated 25 years in business as Brad Nauss Automotive and put together a special Citroën event for the marque’s 100th Anniversary. Reaching out to the organizers of the Carlisle Import Show and members of the Citroën community, Brad was able to stage an impressive event that had over 50 Citroëns in attendance, and made an indelible impression on the thousands of car enthusiasts that attended. You can read more about it here:


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