by Roland Voegele  (a new CAC Member without a Citroën – yet!)

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When I left home on Saturday morning and made my way to George’s house for this event I had no idea about the treat that I was in for – or the excitement that I felt in the evening on my way home! Club members Donna & Graeme George,  Ken & Frances McGuinness, Doug Pengelly and Jennifer Webster, Andy and Eileen Lamb, Larry Lewis, Jim Sciberas, Roland Voegele, Prakash Raja (Raj), Diana Hao, Steve Loria, and George & Gordon Dyke all braved a damp day to enjoy the first official Club drive of the season.

As some of you already know I’m impatiently waiting to get my own 2CV in a couple of weeks and for that reason I was especially happy when Jim arrived with his ‘like new’ 1967 2CV – so happy, that I decided in the typical shy and modest way that I’m well known for, to ask him to take me along in his car – and he bravely did.  Thanks Jim! It is a decision that made my day – and hopefully didn’t ruin yours!

I’m fully aware that my impressions from this ride must appear to all of you ‘Citroën Cognescenti’ (or ‘Connaisseurs’) as an old hat – and yet … that suspension together with those seats that simply ignore road imperfections or speed bumps (what’s a speed bump??) … the sound of that little engine, especially under acceleration in the lower gears … after a while I started feeling relaxed like being on holidays while just being driven around – and like being grateful to the little car and wanting to kiss and hug it for every putt of its engine and for every metre it allowed me to be aboard on its way to … wherever … (Okay, okay, don’t tell me to see a psychiatrist!! – but is this love … addiction … insanity?? – Whatever!!)

Oh yes – and then the drumbeat of the rain on that canvas roof … like being in a tent while camping … and the fine water spray on my face that came through the slightly opened ventilation flap under the windscreen and made me feel like being on a boat in stormy weather – I loved that (let alone that it’s for sure good for a healthy teint) – but when I mentioned it to Jim he made a face like he was suffering from tooth pain.  Thus I learned step by step that his wonderful car had never seen a drop of rain in its whole life so far.

Being a good passenger I tried to comfort him by letting him know that he couldn’t have chosen a better day to finally baptize his car in style. Jim took it like a man – the weather – and the Citroënthusiast 19 Summer 2008 passenger.  You see we had a helluva good time.

By the way, even in the heaviest downpour on our way back the car proved to be remarkably watertight which makes me feel good about my upcoming 2CV trip across Canada.

Well, that could have been my report – if it was not for all of you guys with whom I had the pleasure to be out on this trip.  You are a great bunch of people in this Club and I had a wonderful time with all of you! I can’t wait for the next event – hopefully then with my own Citroën which I can even less wait for since yesterday!

Thanks for the great organization George!

ED Note:  Nebo and George scouted the route 6 weeks earlier in their Citroën GSs on a much sunnier late winter day.

George and Nebo’s GS’s  It was a sunnier day when we scouted the route in early April George  Nebo

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