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Many Citroën owners and enthusiasts traveled to the Carlisle Events Import & Kit Nationals, May 15-17, 2015 and enjoyed the weekend of “Citroëns at Carlisle”.

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[Photos courtesy of Jaroslaw Janeczek – visiting the event from Poland.]

Participants began to arrive as early as Thursday night.  Those who had their cars on the show field by Friday early afternoon were eligible for selection for a Carlisle Elite Award.  We did have vehicles on the show field on Friday, (see details later in article).  Our Club tent was available for fellowship and a place to meet and rest.

 Friday night, we were invited to join the Renault Owners Club of North America for a French themed dinner and movie.  We had a nice dinner, and the toys, which were part of the admission fee, were donated to charity.  Some stayed for the movie, others turned in for the night.

Saturday, Citroëns and their owners as well as other enthusiasts began to arrive.   They were met by the smiling faces of Rose Anderson, Camille Erb, and their husbands Paul and Carl (along with other volunteers).   Windshield cards and ballots were distributed for the People’s Choice Judging.  All Import Show participants were encouraged to vote.

The “parts quiz”, put together by me, and administered by Rose Anderson, was available to all who cared to participate.  This was enjoyed by many of the Import Show participants who had never seen a Citroën part.  Those obtaining a high enough score were rewarded with small prizes.

The Club tent definitely moved “upscale” thanks to Rose and Camille and others who brought many display items and helped out.   Tables and chairs were provided for enthusiasts and friends to relax, and with this year’s more central location, the tent became a real meeting place for our group.   Brad Nauss Automotive provided water and snacks, along with items donated by other attendees.

At 1 pm Paul & Rose Anderson gave a seminar about finding, buying, importing, owning, and maintaining a DS21.  Having purchased their 1969 DS21 from Holland within the last 3 years, they were able to give a “fresh” perspective to Citroën ownership, including a question and answer period afterwards.  Their presentation was enjoyed by all,

At 2 pm we celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the DS.  We joined the Renault Owners Club, who was celebrating 50 years of the R16.  A short informative discussion highlighting each vehicle was given, followed by a toast with Perrier.  An appropriate salute to both of these wonderful cars.

At 3 pm the seminar, Recreating Citroën’s “ID19 sur ballons – 1959” , was presented by Dave Agar.  He discussed his recreation of the famous “floating on air” car from the Citroën ad.  Completed just a few days before he left for Carlisle, Dave showed the car at Carlisle for its first “outing”.   Somewhat new to the Citroën hobby, Dave talked about how he got interested in Citroën and the challenges and satisfactions of this project.

At around 4:30 pm, Paul Anderson led a small group of Citroën owners on a “Tour of the Valley”.  They made a short trip through the countryside, making a stop for some ice cream along the way, and arriving back to Carlisle in plenty of time for dinner.

One of the highlights of the weekend was our dinner on Saturday night.  We met at 7 PM at Fiddler’s Restaurant at Mayapple Golf Course, just outside of Carlisle.  The cars were parked on display to the public in the grassy area in front of the club house/restaurant and there was plenty of time for fellowship and conversations.  A wonderful hot buffet was enjoyed by all… seems to get better every year!  This event was hosted by Citroën owner George Lois, who also happens to be part owner of the venue.

The People’s Choice awards were presented, as well as “Best of Show” honors.  As the evening wound down, Rose and Camille drew the winners of the door prizes.  I want to express a BIG thank you to all who donated door prizes!

Sunday morning, we met at Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs around 8 AM.  A great breakfast was enjoyed by all.  Fellowship at breakfast was followed by a short walk to the “boiling spring” locally known as “The Bubble”.

In spite of threatening weather, I led a nice group of Citroëns on a short drive to the local State Park, King’s Gap.  We drove to the top of the mountain, to enjoy the view from the Cameron-Masland Mansion.  The normally great view was limited due to the clouds, and though rain began to fall from the sky, we still managed to enjoy the drive.  After the visit to the park, we found our way back down the mountain and back to the fair grounds.

With the weather less than accommodating, many left early in the afternoon for home.  Those of us who stayed enjoyed a late lunch at the fairgrounds, and waited for the awards presentation.

Just before the awards presentation, the clouds began to break, and the sun came out.   Our small group cheered loudly as two of our Citroën owners were given their awards:

Brian Peters was chosen for the Carlisle “Elite Club” (picked by Carlisle Events officials as one of their favorite cars on the show field on Friday).   His award was a very nice crystal trophy.

Dave Agar won the “Import Winners Circle” with his 1966 DS21.   This award is given by Carlisle Events to the “best of show” in each country represented. So the award is for the best French car at the show.  His award was a special “Winners Circle” jacket, made especially for him.

As I reflected on the 2015 Citroëns at Carlisle meet driving home from Carlisle, I was very happy with how the weekend went.   It was very relaxing and I think everyone had a great time.

Brad Nauss Automotive fully sponsors the event, but the weekend could never happen without all the help I get from Paul and Rose Anderson and Carl and Camille Erb.  A special thanks to Dave Agar and his wife Linda for presenting their seminar.  Another special thanks to George Lois and Fiddler’s Restaurant.  And of course, I could never do it without the help and support of my wife Anna May and the rest of my family.   I hope everyone will consider making Citroëns at Carlisle a part of their schedule for 2016.

Dates for 2016 for Import Show & Citroëns at Carlisle:  May 20-22, 2016.  Please plan to join us.


People’s Choice winners:

  • Best early D series: Dave Agar
  • Best late D series: Paul Anderson
  • Best 2CV sedan: Erik DeWidt
  • Best 2CV truckette: Judith Reiter
  • Best Dyane: Martin Gambony
  • Best CX series one: Brian Peters
  • Best CX series two: Lou Bevier
  • Best SM: Phil Devingt
  • Best Traction Avant 11CV: Rich Pazar
  • Best Traction Avant 15/6: Carl Erb
  • Best Citroen “Special Category”: Joe Petry (H van)
  • Best of Show: Dave Agar, 1966 DS


It should be noted that the quality of the cars on display gets better every year.   This year no less than six different vehicles received votes for “best of show” honors!  Judging was very close in almost all of the categories.

See you at Citroëns at Carlisle 2016!!!   If you would like email updates about Citroëns at Carlisle 2016, please email and I will put you on the email list.


Update as of Sept 24, 2015:

The Carlisle Import Show has been merged with another of their events…and will now be known as “Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals”.   This should make the show GROW, and add a lot of exciting things to see and do.  I don’t expect the merger to have too big of a change to the Citroëns at Carlisle meet, except that the overall show will definitely be more exciting, and offer those who attend many more things to see.

Carlisle expects the show field vehicle attendance to more than double in size, with many new events during the day, and in the evenings.

This merger may make it worth your while to BOOK A MOTEL EARLY !!!

More information about Citroëns at Carlisle will follow as plans are finalized.






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