Citrtoens at Carlisle 2014

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– by George Dyke

This year marked a return to Carlisle for myself having missed the last few years due to a conflicting schedule, and for other Canadians such as John McCulloch and Chris Deja.  We even enlisted Citroënvie Club member from Toronto, Roland Voegele, to join us as he had never attended Carlisle.  We were all thrilled we went.

Carlisle can be most enjoyable when the weather is dry and not too hot, as was the case this year.  We experienced some light rain on the way there just south of Buffalo, but nothing that seeped into the 2CV I was driving.   Roland also took his 2CV.  These were the very cars we travelled in together across the USA in 2011.   And this year I went for an extended trip, staying in the US and going on the Nashville to the micro car meet at the Lane Motor Museum on Memorial Day weekend.

The Carlisle weekend started with cars gathering on the show field in the afternoon and folks meeting for dinner at the Silver Springs Diner,  Saturday was the main day with 34 Citroëns arriving on the show field and the opportunity to see many old friends for the first time this year.   The show is put on by Carlisle Events and features all makes of import and kit cars.  Along with an extensive flea market, it makes for interesting variety and a wonderful way to hone your knowledge of other marques.

Brad Nauss organized the weekend agenda, “Citroëns at Carlisle” (sponsored by Brad Nauss Automotive),  around the Carlisle Import Show events.  He gave a seminar on the history of the Traction Avant on the show field on Saturday.  Following that Carl Erb (who was given an award by Carlisle Events for best French car for his Traction 15-6) gave a talk on his love affair with Tractions and how he came to own his present one.

On Saturday afternoon Paul Anderson, in his gorgeous DS21, led the way for many of us on a 1 hour road trip “Tour of the Valley” which was really a jaunt to the northern hills to see the valley.  Beautiful backroad driving and a stop to socialize at a local ice cream shop.

George Lois hosted dinner for everyone on Saturday night at the Pavilion at Fiddlers Restaurant at Mayapple Golf Course.  We arranged our Citroëns on the front lawn of the Golf Course, – a most elegant display.   After dinner, Brad gave out the People’s Choice awards (winners listed below), as well as door prizes for everyone.

For those, like me, who stayed onto Sunday , we met for breakfast at Caffe 101, in nearby Boiling Springs,   From there we took another charming backroad route for about 30 minutes to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing, a fascinating and extensive exhibit that reflects the area’s heritage of Sprint Car and oval track racing.  Not to be missed if you are ever in the area!

At that point some went back to the Carlisle event field, where the “car babes” descended on 3 winning Cits for the typical cheesy photo op.  (Carl won’t be able to wipe that smile off his face for a while!)   As we were south of Carlisle at the museum, Judy Reiter and I decided that we would make our own little 2CV convoy to Washington.   (Judy in her Truckette).   We took the rural way, Route 92, all the way into the city, where I spent the afternoon driving about the nation’s capitol checking out all the landmarks while many tourists and locals alike cast admiration on my 2CV.

My trip onto Nashville and the micro car meet is the subject of another post, but suffice to say that my Carlisle weekend was a terrific outing that really ranked up there with the “it doesn’t get much better than this” Citroen experiences you strive to achieve in a lifetime.

Brad would like to thank all of those who volunteered to make the event a success.


People’s Choice Winners – Citroëns@Carlisle 2014:

Best early D Series….Carter Willey, DS19, Esperance, NY
Best late D Series….(tie)  Gabriel Bandy, 1972 DS21, Northville, MI
(tie)  Paul Anderson, 1969 DS21, Mechanicsburg, PA
Best Deux Cheavau sedan….George Dyke, 1987 2CV, Toronto, ON, Canada
Best A series truckette….Judity Reiter, 1972  2CV truckette, Silver Spring, MD
Best Dyane….Martin Gambony, 1969 Dyane, Basking Ridge, NJ
Best Series I CX….Brian Peters, 1981 CX Pallas, Washington, DC
Best Series II CX….Lou Bevier, 1987 CX GTI, Canonsburg, PA
Best SM….Dale Martin, 1972 SM, Midland, MI
Best Traction Avant 11CV….Brad Nauss, 1950 11BL, Mechanicsburg, PA
Best Traction Avant 15CV….Carl Erb, 1952 15/6, Monroeville, PA
Best Citroën….Special Category….Paul Hanson, 1976 Lomax, Granby, CT
Best of Show….Paul Hanson, 1976 Lomax, Granby, CT


Special Awards presented by Carlisle Events:

Carlisle Elite (cars chosen by Carlisle Events as their favorites, shown on
Friday)….Dale Martin, 1972 SM, Midland, MI
Winner’s Circle (best French car at the show)  Carl Erb, 1952 TAV 15/6, Monroeville, PA
Standard of Excellence Judging Award….Paul Anderson, 1969 DS21, Mechanicsburg, PA


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