by John McCulloch

Citroëns at West Montrose, Ontario
Citroëns at West Montrose

The first Citroën Autoclub Canada road trip of the 2002 driving season took place on June first. Led by George and Marijke Dyke, we followed the two lane roads from Oakville to Elora via Eden Mills and Guelph. Club members including Victor and Maria, Fred and Monique Kossecki, Angela Fusco and Lorne Vineberg and Doug Pengelly met at the home of Chris Deja and John McCulloch in Oakville for a brief fuel stop of coffee, orange juice and cookies. After brief tire repairs to Doug’s truckette, we set out along Britannia Road on our way to Campbellville and Eden Mills.

There was a short stop in Eden Mills for shopping in a country boutique. We then continued on into and around Guelph on our way to the F & M. brewery, the home of Saint André. Doug Pengelly gave an hour tour of the micro brewery, explaining the process from grains of wheat to finished product. I think everyone came away with a greater appreciation of how complex beer making is.

After a few samples, we had lunch in a road house in north Guelph and left for Elora. Elora was having its annual street festival, so club members enjoyed browsing the shops, listening to music or having a drink in one of the many cafés in town. Around 6:30, we set out to return to Toronto, once again using the back roads through Fergus, Eden Mills and Limehouse. Since nothing increases an appetite like driving, we arranged to have dinner at the Tosca restaurant at Mississauga Road and the 401. Chef / owner Giacamo inspected the cars and then prepared a wonderful meal for all. The trip wound up around 10:15 with everyone setting out for home.

Angela Fusco in love!
Angela in love!

Highlights of the trip:
• The Citroën Autoclub Canada T-shirts and button down crested shirts made a successful début.
• Doug was late but he had a good reason. (a flat tire!)
• Angela Fusco debuted her impeccable red 2CV. (see photo)
• Lorne Vineberg got to drive the aforementioned red 2CV. (Angela has the 2CV but is still getting her driver’s license.)
• George Dyke debuted his phenomenal 1986 CX.
• Club repairs effected on the trip were limited to: one tire, one fuel line and minor adjustments to headlights.

Lessons given included:
• Rolling back a 2CV roof
• The importance of having a fire extinguisher in case your fuel line breaks on your manifold.
• Why beer is darker or lighter in colour.

The best part of the trip, however, was the camaraderie of the group. Everyone on the trip had a wonderful time. We encourage all members to come out on our various outings. They are all well organized in advance and listed on the events calendar.

The participants want to thank George and Marijke Dyke for organizing the trip; John McCulloch and Chris Deja for our coffee and cookies and Doug Pengelly for his interesting tour of Saint André.

Dinner at Tosca Restaurant

Journey’s end at Tosca Restaurant. Great food, great company!


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