Mice in your garage are most unwelcome. They build nests anywhere they can. And they have a nasty habit of choosing dormant Citroëns.

How do you make sure you get rid of them for good?  This fellow says he has a solution.  And it looks very clever!

A homemade mousetrap he claims is the best he has ever used.  Take one 5 gal plastic bucket with a gal of RV antifreeze dumped in the bottom, put a dowel through the top of the bucket and slide an empty toilet paper roll onto the dowel with some peanut butter dabbed on it.  Lean a board up against the side and it works all year without checking it and no smell.   So long Mickey!!!

Alternatively, substitute a plastic bottle with a coat hanger through it in the same holes in the top of the bucket and put and some peanut butter on the middle of the bottle.  Same result catching and killing those pesky vermin.

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