10 Citroëns to be Auctioned at Salon Epoqu’Auto

The Osenat auction house will be offering 10 Citroëns that are quite interesting on November 7, 2021 at Salon Epoqu’Auto in Lyon France. Take a look:

Lot 61

Est: 80 000 – 110 000 €

An authentic Traction cabriolet in superb condition.

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Lot 67
Est: 70 000 – 90 000 €

The Ivanoff version uses the conversion principle initiated by Chapron but is a reproduction, hence not an original cabriolet. It is in beautiful aesthetic condition; new tyres as well as its original tool/jack/spare wheel set. In its navy blue color, interior and night blue hood, this DS 21 convertible stands out for its tasteful elegance. The bodywork and drive train have been refurbished,

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Lot 69

Est: 12 000 – 18 000 €

This model of 2CV with exposed spring suspension was built only during six months from December 1954 to May 1955. In the same family since its purchase in 1955, this AZ is in beautiful condition and still has its original registration. The mechanics are all original and work very well. It has a centrifugal clutch. A paint job was done a few years ago.

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Lot 71

Est: 15 000 – 20 000 €

Delivered new on 30 March 1960, the current owner has been driving it regularly for 22 years. Some of the bodywork has been redone at some point but has aged. Its interior is entirely original except for the red cloth upholstery. Mechanically, the engine was rebuilt 20 years ago. It apparently runs well.

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Lot 72

Est: 40 000 – 50 000 €

Bought new in 1990 by a German collector on the occasion of the birth of his son. The project was to pass on his passion for cars, and offer him the car for his 18th birthday, but the son was more interested in computers than in connecting rods and pistons. It sat for another 13 years and the son has decided to sell the car upon his father’s passing. The few kilometers on the odometer are those travelled in the family property, during which the father tried to inoculate his son with the car’s virtues. The car has been stored for 31 years and its condition is like new!

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Lot 74

Est: 100 000 – 120 000 €

Originally from the North of France, Hector Bossaert a mechanics enthusiast, began to work on small mechanical preparations. He even goes so far as to sell kits that allow him to increase the power of his engine in no time. At the end of the 1950s, he was making modifications to DS and ID engines and his reputation in the field led him to go even further and create his own coupé based on a DS 19. This project was born in 1959 with the help of Pietro Frua, who drew up the stylistic plans for what would become the GT 19. Shorter by more than 45 cm than the saloon, the GT also had a 7 cm lower ground clearance. In terms of aesthetics, the front end doesn’t change much but the rear end adopts characteristic wings. It is this rear end that really makes this coupe an atypical thing. It has a plexiglass rear window and the pairs of chevrons facing to the right on the rear quarter windows panels.

This example, the 09 (cabriolet and coupé together) was sold to Mr Chevalier on 21/10/63. It was exhibited at Retromobile in 2016, It is in a restored condition and was very well preserved by its owner. It has a burgundy paint job and aluminium rims with a border that matches the bodywork. The patinated interior still presents very well. The original engine (probably broken comes with the car) and it would have to be repaired as it was at the time, in order to fully enjoy this car.

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Lot 79
1971 SM — 5-SPEED

Est: 35 000 – 45 000 €

This SM was bought new in a Parisian dealership in 1972. The story goes that the owner was unhappy with the colour of the car and took it directly to Chapron to give it this Bordeaux colour, the same one it still wears today, albeit somewhat aged. It is a carburetted version in very good condition and with a mileage of 68,891 kms. The engine, the gearbox, the clutch are perfectly functional with more than 25 000 euros of invoices. The hydraulic part has been rebuilt at Patrick Marchesseau in Cormes Royal (17) in 2015, the engine and many mechanical parts have been made reliable at Jean Michel DODAT of Maserati engines in 2020. Its black interior is original.

Full listing & more photos.

Lot 87
Est: 60 000 – 90 000€

Not an original Chapron convertible, this DS 21 Cabriolet was built on the basis of the “factory” convertibles, by an unknown car body shop. The car is in good condition outside. The interior is complete and the upholstery is new. Coming from a DS 21 sedan, the work is rigorous, extremely respectful of the authenticity of the DS convertibles. It presents an opportunity to acquire a convertible DS for most likely a greatly reduced price.

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Lot 89
1971 M 35 – CHASSIS 00EA 0438

Est: 20 000 – 25 000 €

This rare M 35 has a clear history. Dr Marion, a loyal customer of Citroën, was selected to test the prototype. After more than 40,000 km, he approached his Citroën dealer because the engine was getting hot. Mr Blanc had two choices: he could call the parent company to transform the M35 into another car or he could keep it and try to repair the engine. Fortunately, he chose the second option. But repairing a rotary engine is no easy task, and he gave up. It was not until many years later that his grandson undertook to restart the car (with the help of an NSU specialist), with success, to allow his grandfather to drive it a few times. The car still has its original registration. It is in exceptional condition and is ready for the road. Amongst other things, it has new stainless steel exhaust, new trochoidal stator, new segmentation, new water pump, new suspension spheres and new hydraulic pump.

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Lot 107
Est: 18 000 – 23 000 €

This Méhari was first registered in April 1971, three years after the first Méhari was produced. Restored to new except for the engine, it has an original aesthetic configuration of white and red matching the skai seats of the interior. It is a 4-seater.

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For more info or to bid contact:

5, rue Royale
77300 Fontainebleau
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Photos credit:
Osenat, Christian Martin, Eric Sander.

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