by George Dyke…..

The Citroën 2CV Sahara, with its unique twin-engine all-wheel-drive system, is both a rarity and a highly prized collectible.  Earlier this year, 173,000 euros were paid for a time-warp example at auction.  This poetic film by the creative studio Maison Vignaux goes some way to explain why they’re so special.


If you would like to purchase the actual Sahara in the film, you can find it for sale at the Citroën restoration facility in the Classic Remise complex in Berlin Germany.  Contact Roland Kayser at Atelier Automobile GmbH.  Address: Wiebestraße 36, 10553 Berlin, Germany.  Phone: +49 30 33778362.

Here are photos I took of it there earlier this month:

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