1973 Citroën SM 3.0L 5-speed

This stunning Citroen SM is powered by a 3.0-litre Maserati V6 paired with a five-speed manual gearbox and was refinished in champagne gold by a previous owner.


It is a US spec, 3 carburetor model that has been adapted to have some very special features:

  • The addition of Euro-spec headlights and the elimination of the US side markers, which many feel detract from Robert Opron’s original design.  (What is typically referred to as the European look.)   The euro spec rear license plate light and euro turn signal lenses were also fitted at the same time to complete the look.
  • An additional switch on the dash so that all 6 headlights that can all simultaneously light while still allowing for full original lighting modes
  • Lumenition electronic ignition.   
  • Stainless steel exhaust with original type rear resonators retained.
  • Correct 205/70 Michelin XWX tires.  
  • The passenger seat has been modified with driver’s seat rails to allow for more legroom.
  • 3 switches have been added for a dome light override, radiator fan override and A/C compressor override. (Many SM owners have installed a manual on/off control to override the AC being activated. This one has that plus an adjustable rheostat with the probe from it residing in the evaporator so there is the variability of temperature triggering it while driving.)
  • Modern Titus starter motor. (Much faster cranking.)
  • A starter motor solenoid bypass switch discretely placed under the dashboard lower trim on the left-hand side.
  • AC rotary compressor (system charged with R134 and effective.)
  • Dual radiator fan control/override. (Very useful for hot days and in-town driving.)
  • A Pioneer AM/FM cassette stereo in the center console.


The serial number is 00SD0748. It was built in February 1973. The engine # is 400.287.

It was bought in southern California by Mr. Jaime Coltart then brought from California to North Vancouver BC by Mr. Coltart.  In Vancouver it was taken to base metal at 36,000 miles and painted.  

Mr. Aldo Bigioni, a noted antique and classic car collector who lived in the Whitby, Ontario area at the time, purchased the car in the late 1980s and brought it to Ontario.  Mr. Bigioni had mechanical work, including the rebuilding of the gearbox, done by SM Specialist Albert Marchal in Toronto. European turning headlights were also added under Mr. Bigioni’s ownership. Being Italian, Mr. Bigioni had Maserati badges added under the front glass license plate cover and on the steering wheel. 

In 1996, Hal Blakadar in Oakville Ontario purchased the car from Mr. Bigioni.

Citroën Autoclub Canada president George Dyke purchased the SM from Hal in the fall of 1999 and has kept it in pristine shape. All major servicing under George’s ownership has been performed by Dave Burnham Citroën in Delanson, New York, or by David Hume at Excelsior Motors in Midway, Kentucky, who replaced the chains at 81,532 miles.

You can view a gallery of 187 photos here:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/62790594@N03/albums/72157715486113342

George sold the SM to a collector near Baltimore, MD in March 2021.

If you paid careful attention to the photo of the driver’s door panel, note there is a remote mirror control joystick. It serves no function as the original style SM remote mirror has no ability for control adjustment. Most likely at one point there was intent to change out the mirror to a remote controlled one. (Some SMs on the West Coast had their remote mirrors swapped out with ones from early 1970s Olds Cutlass 442. Perhaps that was even done on this car, but it was reverted back the original mirror type at some point, likely when it was repainted). 

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