20 Citroëns up for Auction at Retromobile 2018

If you’d like to get your cheque book out and bid with the big boys, the Artcurial Auction is happening at Retromobile in Paris on Friday February 9 with no less than 20 Citroëns up for grabs.

There are some very rare and desirable models to be had, most notably a 1953 Traction Avant 11BL Fourgonnette. If you are looking for an unrestored barn find check out the 1937 Traction Avant 11 BL Cabriolet.

In the auction are 6 rare Henri Chapron bodied Citroëns from the The Reinders Collection.  Richard Reinders, is a Dutch collector and a true enthusiast of the chevron brand who began his collection 40 years ago. A total of 12 of his Citroens are being sold including a 1974 DS 21 Palm Beach Cabriolet that is estimated to fetch 400,000 – 600,000 €.  There is a 1966 DS21 Cabriolet that has an exceptional history; It was ordered by the President of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou, as a gift to the Former President of the Ivory Coast Félix Houphouët-Boigny.

Here is a listing of all the Citroëns offered for sale:

Lot 7
1972 SM
(no reserve) – Est: 60,000 – 90,000 €    Update: Sold for 113,240 €

Italian version, sold new in March 1972 by the Citroën dealership of Turin.  When the current owner bought the car in 2012, the car was sound, but needed restoration and was equipped with its original engine and manual gearbox. He then embarked on a comprehensive € 150,000 restoration by the famous Citroën specialist E. Daunat that lasted almost two years. All the mechanical and electrical elements were overhauled, as well as the bodywork and the upholstery.  The SM is now carburetor equipped.  The blue interior is consistent with its original “blue orient” colour however it was redone in leather instead of the original cloth fabric. Completed in 2014, the car has covered just over 4,000 km.



Lot 8
1974 DS 23ie Pallas
(no reserve) – Est: 60,000 – 80,000 €    Update: Sold for 53,640 €

Sold new in France, it is equipped with the rare sunroof, a black leather interior covered with headrests and central armrest, large sun visors on the rear window and air conditioning. This Pallas 23ie works flawlessly with its 112,000 km since new. It will be delivered to its future owner with its original manual, the ASI certificate, whose plate is placed on the car and the certificate of the Citroën Club Italia.



Lot 34
1952 15/6 berline
(no reserve) – Est: 30,000 – 50,000 €    Update: Sold for 47,680 €

Registered on June 13, 1952, this car had its first registration number 446 AQ 67. It kept this number until it was sold to Jean-Claude Miloé on October 12, 1987. In the meantime, only one registration certificate was issued, which means that either the first owner had moved in the same department or the car had been sold to a second owner in the same department. This is one of the last flat trunk 15/6, before the appearance of the convex trunk lid. It underwent a total restoration by Jean-Luc Bonnefoy from April 1989 to May 1990, former employee of the garage Lecoq, based in St-Amand-Montrond. Everything has been checked or redone: bodywork, interior, mechanicals (engine, gearbox, brakes, running gear…). The electrical system was converted into 12 volts and electric steering assistance has been added.



Lot 62
1968 DS 21 M Prestige
(no reserve) – Est: 45,000 – 65,000 €    Update: Sold for 40,528 €

This rare DS Prestige has a remarkable history, as according to the Chapron archives, it was delivered new to the State of Guatemala. Then the car returned to France and was for a long time the property of a former policeman, responsible for escorting personalities, close to the government. The interior space is in a beautiful condition, having benefited from a recent restoration. The exterior paint has been redone in its original black colour a few years ago, and shows a nice patina.



Lot 63
1953 Traction 11BL Fourgonnette 450 kg
Est: 40,000 – 60,000 €    Update: Unsold

Following the Second World War, restrictions on importing vehicles prompted the Citroën subsidiary in Copenhagen to launch the production of Traction utility vehicles, as their intended business use allowed the company to get round these restrictions. And so, the 11BL ” Varebil ” was born in 1949, and nearly 550 examples would be built through until 1953. This utility vehicle shared the Traction’s styling, without the rear passenger doors. It did, however, have a large, rear side-opening door, allowing some 450kg of goods to be loaded in the back. This is one of three models known to have survived, and was bought by the current owner in Denmark in 2014. Having spent its life in Denmark, the car was restored during the 1990s and although the body is sound, the paintwork would now need some attention.



Lot 64
1939 Traction 11B Cabriolet
Est: 120,000 – 160,000 €    Update: Sold for 125,160 €

This car was sold new in July 1939 to a Danish architect. It has a transparent history and a list of all previous owners with the year of their purchase, appears in the file. The current owner, passionate about the model, bought the car in 2005, from an enthusiast who had spent many years completely restoring the car. Since then, the car has been repainted in midnight blue with black wings, and a red interior. The engine, coming from a 1954 11B was previously restored and is equipped with the rare twin-carburettor EPAF system. The electrics were upgraded to 12 volts and the obligatory indicators, added under the front wing, are retractable, demonstrating the level of care taken to retain its original appearance.



Lot 66
1981 CX 2400 Prestige Landaulet par Chapron
(no reserve) – Est: 80,000 – 120,000 €    Update: Sold for 95,360 €

The Chapron workshop, after they made a landaulet for the Algerian president, showed at the 1980 Paris motor show, another landaulet slightly different, based on the CX Prestige 2400. It was immediately ordered by Citroën, in order be able to lend such a car to VIP’s for special events. Delivered in 1981, it was used for the first time for the wedding of the Henri de Passau, prince de Bourbon Parme and Maria Téresa, Grande Duchesse. Then, it was used for King Harald V of Norway and the prince of Norway, The Arch Duke Christian d’Autriche and Princess Marie Astrid and also for the wedding of Prince Nicolas de Liechtenstein and Princess Margaretha de Luxembourg. In 1991, it was sold to a Parisian Citroën dealership who sold it to the actual owner. The odometer showed at the time only 8194 km and now less than 23,000 km. It has just been overhauled by the Oone workshop in Bazainville for more than 30000 €. The engine, the suspension, the brakes and the paint have been redone or refurbished. It is fitted with an optional Plexiglas hard top and it comes with the original warranty booklet and a certificate from Chapron workshop.



Lot 67
1986 CX turbo Concorde
(no reserve) – Est: 50,000 – 80,000 €    Update: Unsold

In 1985, in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first supersonic commercial flight, Air France planned to organize a ceremony on 20 January 1986, in Toulouse. The company wanted the crew to be transported in a car reminiscent of the style of the aircraft and ordered from Citroën a series of 10 or 12 CX 25 GTI Turbos, with special equipment including special white pearl paint (accessories included), red seats in the same fabric as those of the aircraft, special carpet, ABS braking, air conditioning, telephone antenna, etc. The mechanicals were modified by the Danielson workshop so that the power exceeded that of the standard version. But the project got all messed up: Citroën had problems achieving the specific paint shade and quality, the cars could not be delivered on time, and Air France cancelled its order. Nonetheless, six cars were completed: three would be used by Citroën executives, then destroyed, and three given to dealers in Rennes and Reims. Of these, only two are probably surviving, including the one on offer. Registered on June 6, 1986, this car was sold by the Reims dealer to a contractor who used it for his travels in Europe for six years, covering 550,000 kms, ensuring a very thorough maintenance. In 1996, he sold the car to a Mr. Dehu who participated in several events such as the 25th anniversary of the CX, in 1999. In 2001 the car was for sale in a French magazine and Richard Reinders and a friend bought it. They stored the car carefully and took it out of the garage only for the launch of the book “De Originele Citroën CX”, by Michael Buurma, as well as for the anniversary of the Dutch CX club in 2017. Recently, this very special CX benefited from a complete mechanical overhaul by a CX specialist, with invoices totalling more than € 7,500. The red Concorde fabric interior has been left as-is.



Lot 68
1961 DS 19 cabriolet, conversion ailes Pichon-Parat
(no reserve) – Est: 60,000 – 100,000 €    Update: Sold for 92,976 €

This car is one of the first “factory” DS 19 cabriolets manufactured in the workshops of Henri Chapron and marketed under the name of the manufacturer. It was sold new in Belgium, which explains its chassis plate indicating “SA belge Citroën”. After the sale the cars front fenders were transformed by the Pichon-Parat workshop, in Sens, where in 1964 the double-headlamps of the Panhard 24 were integrated to give the front of the car a more streamlined and aggressive look. This DS cabriolet was imported in 1983 into the Netherlands and participated in 1999 in the Dutch film “Lef”. The current owner acquired the car in 2003 and used it regularly before storing it a decade ago



Lot 69
1965 DS 21 Coupé Chapron Le Dandy
Est: 250,000 – 350,000 €    Update: Sold for 262,240 €

Having been exhibited at the Paris Motor Show in October 1965, this Chapron DS 21 Le Dandy coupé was sold as a demonstration car for the sum of 23 000 francs to the “société Bergère de Lorraine”, through Grands Garages Nancy Thermal. According to information in the Chapron archives that will be supplied with the car, it appears that the initial order was made in July 1965 by the Garage Ardon in Reims, who didn’t take delivery of the car after the Motor Show. In 1970 it was bought by a certain Henri Boucher, from Issy-les-Moulineaux, who registered the car 8552 AW 92 and kept it for ten years. On 15 February 1980, it was bought by Rob Stam, a Dutch company lawyer, who sold it to the current owner in 1982. This car has very low mileage (27 840 km), and has never been restored. Less than 50 examples of the Le Dandy were produced, between 1960 and 1968.



Lot 70
1970 DS 21 injection cabriolet Chapron Palm Beach
Est: 400,000 – 600,000 €    Update: Unsold

According to the build sheet for Chapron body n°7627, the cabriolet Palm Beach on offer was originally intended for the 1970 Paris Motor Show. This was probably where it came to the attention of French Government officials, as on 27 November 1970, the Société d’Achat et de Commission confirmed with Chapron the order for this Palm Beach cabriolet, which was destined for the Presidency of the Ivory Coast Republic, where it would be used by President Pompidou during his stay on 7 and 8 February. An advance of 14000 Francs was made, and the total price on the purchase order was 38475 francs ex VAT, plus a few extras: two exterior mirrors, two chrome handles on the back of the front seats, front seat belts and 2kg of black paint for “possible bumps”. The coachbuilder’s final bill came to 44 021 francs ex VAT. The car remained in the president’s fleet of cars until 1974, after which it was registered R8540 CI 1. In July 1982, the car was imported into France by Jean-Pierre Driencourt, from Breteuil. It was later bought by the Citroën Chapron enthusiast Henri Rateau, who sold it in 2002 to Richard Reinders. Despite its low mileage, the car was in mediocre condition, having been exposed to sea air and the detrimental effects of a humid equatorial climate. The car was sent to Dutch specialist to be completely restored where it stayed for 11 years and benefitted from a meticulous attention to detail. The car finally emerged from the workshop in 2013 and was registered for the first time in Holland. Since then, it has covered just 1,500 km and is presented in impeccable condition. This was one of only three Palm Beach cabriolet built by Chapron on the base of a DS21 injection.



Lot 71
1975 DS 23 ie berline Chapron Lorraine
Est: 180,000 – 260,000 €    Update: Unsold

This was the last Citroën DS to be bodied by Chapron, and the only Lorraine built on a 23 ie base. It is presented here in impeccable condition, in the original colour scheme, and has never been restored. The car has covered 60,000 km today



Lot 72
1960 Citroën ID 19
(no reserve) – Est: 10,000 – 15,000 €    Update: Sold for 11,920 €

The car has just 38,000 kms on the odometer but has not been in use for some time. It will need to be completely overhauled before it can hit the road again.



Lot 73
1983 Visa Chrono Groupe B
(no reserve) – Est: 30,000 – 50,000 €    Update: Sold for 26,224 €

This car was purchased directly from the Citroën importer in Holland, with the aim of representing the brand for the 1983 rally season. At the same time, a sum of 80,000 Dutch guilders was paid for the car. Paul Maaskant and Melchior Gadella are amongst the rally drivers who competed with this car. This Group B version was derived from the standard Visa Chrono and benefited from all the specific preparation: a bare cabin equipped with special facilities, dashboard with visible fuses and all the necessary instruments, perforated pedals, a lightened body, engine prepared with two large horizontal twin-choke Weber carburetors, a cross bar under the hood… This lighter and powerful car earned it the nickname “plastic bomb”! After its rallying career, this Visa Chrono was sold to collector Tejo Wessels, who sold it in 1996 to Richard Reinders. It is in an astonishingly original state for a rally car in its period livery, displaying its rally sponsorships.



Lot 74
1966 DS 19 cabriolet Chapron Palm Beach
Est: 400 000 – 600 000 €    Update: Unsold

Its first owner was Baroness Sipkes-Moll van Charante from Rotterdam, and she commissioned the Palm Beach cabriolet through Citroën Amsterdam, with the optional extras of electric hood, front bench rather than separate seats (the car was driven by a chauffeur), reversing lights, Radiomatic 3P8 radio and automatic Hirschmann aerial.
A DS 19 was purchased and sent to Chapron on 25 November 1964. Three months later, on 12 February 1965, the car was ready. It was sold around 1971 and then acquired by the Dutch collector Tejo Wessels in 1977. He started a restoration but sold the car before completing the project and it then passed through several owners without being finished. Finally, in 1993, the two collectors R. Van Doorn and A. Meijer clubbed together to buy and restore the car to its former glory. The restoration was finished in 2013, and the current owner, who already had two Palm Beach Citroëns in his collection, acquired this one in 2014. The dashboard is equipped with attractive Jaeger instruments and the original radio. Only 27 Palm Beach cabriolets were built (including 23 with protruding rear wings), making this an extremely rare car.



Lot 75
1966 DS 21 cabriolet
Est: 300,000 – 500,000 €    Update: Unsold

This car was originally used by the French government in Djibouti. In August 1966, the car transported General de Gaulle during his official visit, and was used regularly on official occasions by the Republic of Djibouti. As part of these official functions, it was also used by President Georges Pompidou during his visit in January 1971. In 1979, it was spotted in the garden of the presidential palace in Djibouti by André Mas, who began a tireless campaign to buy it, finally succeeding in 1982. At that time, the DS cabriolet had covered just 19,000 km. In 2005, Mas sold the car to the present owner who has taken care to preserve its original condition. There are handlebars fixed to the back of the front seats, to allow the president to remain standing during official parades. The current odometer reading is just 24,000 kms.



Lot 76
1969 DS 21 Injection Chapron Lorraine
Est: 100,000 – 150,000 €    Update: Unsold

The car is the very first Lorraine to be built by Chapron. It was built on the base of a DS 21 for the 1969 Paris Motor Show. The Lorraine was the replacement for the Majesty and Chapron initially called this the “new Majesty model”. This Lorraine saloon was sold new in Spain and, for reasons concerning import duties, very high during Franco’s regime, the Chapron plaque was removed. The original colour scheme was metallic grey with a blue roof, and once in Spain this changed to all black. The passenger compartment has not been restored and is presented in excellent original condition, with lightly-patinated beige leather interior and wooden fold-out tables attached to the back of the front seats. Richard Reinders discovered this car in 2004 when visiting the well-known Citroën dealer Enrico Peribanez. It had not been driven for twenty years, and once taken back to Holland, the car was fitted with a new electronic injection system and fully serviced to ensure it was operational. The current odometer reading is 79,000 kms. Only 13 Lorraine saloons were built.



Lot 77
1973 SM
(no reserve) – Est: 40,000 – 60,000 €    Update: Sold for 33,376 €

This SM was sold new in 1974, in Long Beach, CA and used regularly until 1980. Subsequently, it was discovered by a Dutch collector who had it shipped to his country in 1996, and who hardly ever used the car. Richard Reinders bought it in 2013 and covered just 500km, so the odometer now reads 53,100 miles (85,500 km). The listing claims that “this car has the distinction of being in an excellent original condition. The white body is in good used condition. Inside, the mustard velvet seats, in a typical 1970s shade, are barely wrinkled and the carpets have only discrete signs of wear”. However all SM imported into North America had leather interiors. If this a on original white SM the interior leather colour should be black. We suspect that at some point in Europe it was changed out for the mustard velour colour in the car today.




Lot 306
1937 11 BL Cabriolet
(no reserve) – Est: 50,000 – 70,000 €    Update: Sold for 64,368 €

Authentic and unrestored, this 11BL spider cabriolet, defined as a 2-4 seater in the Citroën catalog, joined the Broual Collection on 15 May 1970 to be exhibited in Briare Museum. Its windshield is foldable and its colour is the rare Iridescent grey offered in the catalog. The title indicates 1938, and DEC as bodywork for “convertible”. The number 2316 is stamped on the body, and the absence of “Pilot” wheels and its serial number positions this Traction a 1937 example. The PVS11 engine is numbered 186751 and it is marked that the “engine is renovated”. It is therefore a refurbished engine by the factory that replaced the original one.



Lot 320
1922 B2 “Caddy”
(no reserve) – Est: 20,000 – 30,000 €    Update: Sold for 50,064 €

This car, from the Broual Collection, has a registration number heritage from South of France dating back to 1955 and was exhibited in the automobile museum in Briare. Apart from the wheels, this “Caddy sport” is in a remarkable state of preservation with superb patina for the upholstery and a turned aluminum dashboard. The chassis plate bears a serial number which places the manufacture of the car in 1922.




© Photos by Dirk de Jager

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