by Bruce Turner…..


This year’s Italian French Car Show was held at Waterfront Park in North Vancouver on Sunday June 18th.  Overcast and a light drizzle didn’t dampen attendance, with a record 62 Citroëns!   

Five Tractions including a Commerciale belonging to John MacGregor and Franck Point’s lovely 11CV were on display as well as Ami, Dyane, H-Van, GS, CX, SM, and Xsara.  There were about a dozen D’s and a score of 2CV’s.  

Also notable:  A Bugatti cabriolet; a Peugeot 403 cabriolet – just like Columbo!; and 1960 403 estate on its way from Australia on a round-the-world trek.

View a photo gallery of the event here.

Thanks to Franck Point for hosting coffee and croissant for breakfast at his cafe, Faubourg, and to John Anthony MacGregor for getting us all there.