Some people out there these days are obsessed with Lego.  And then there’s a group that are Citroën 2CV fanatics.  What happens when those 2 groups merge?  This 2CV Charleston in Lego is the result of the talent of Nicolas Lespour, (his handle is Nico71), a 27 year old Frenchman from Marignier, France.  Nicolas is a Mechanical Engineer, Production Scheduler Manager & Research and Development Department Designer in a company who manufactures hip and knee orthopedic surgery implants.  With a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in his spare time he designs complex Lego models.  He is also one of the top 10 designers on the Lego fanatics website  He publishes building instructions for over 75 vehicle and mechanical equipment models he has created in Lego.

Lego has been offering the Coccinelle VW, Lotus Seven and other Mini Cooper for a while now.  It has taken three years of work for Nicolas to carry out this 2CV project.  His 2CV model is an intricate design that is very true to the original car.  The engine and gearbox, seats, hood and body are all remarkably thought out, and the suspension is realistic though one criticism that could be rendered is that the front shock absorbers are located vertically rather than horizontally.  A small detail that could corrected should you decide to spend a few days this winter trying to replicate his accomplishment.  If you feel so inclined, start by visiting Nicolas’ website at and check out all the parts you’re going to need.

Happy Legoing!
lego-2cv-charleston_7  lego-2cv-charleston_6  lego-2cv-charleston_1  lego-2cv-charleston_5  lego-2cv-charleston_4  lego-2cv-charleston_2  lego-2cv-charleston_3







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