2CV Charleston re-build by Lionel Hondier

Lionel Hondier in Vancouver, BC has been busy eradicating rust from the east.  This 2CV was driven there in the summer of 2015 from Ontario with a rusted frame and many things needed to be repaired… from brakes to suspensions to pedal floors, etc…  (Surprising it made it!)  A new galvanized frame was the starting point for the car’s re-build.  Lionel working on it to make it safe again to drive and today (Dec. 2, 2016) it passed today the BC safety inspection.  Congratulations Lionel on a nice repair!  View pics of the re-build process here.


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  1. Lionel,

    I have to do this exact same thing with my 1974 Dyane. It has little rust but the frame had and off roading crack and needs to be replaced. Do you have a log or more photos on the process you followed? I don;t want to reinvent the wheel. Maybe we can speak or email.
    Jeff Kanter

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