This 1996 BBC film by David Leighton delivers an interesting history and profile of the 2CV as well as managing to capture the spirit of 2CV ownership. OK, so there are a few technical inaccuracies (such as the fact that more than one TPV survived WWII, the Ami shown is a Super not a 6 Berline and Méhari bodies were ABS plastic not fiberglass, but now we’re being picky…

From the 1973 Paris to Tunis excursion where 100 2CVs competed (all of them finishing) to James Bond driving one in For Your Eyes Only, the film is packed with memorable milestones that have helped make the 2CV an automotive icon.  If you look at the 11 minute mark you’ll see Manny Motashaw in his younger days. (Manny has been a regular attendee at Rendezvous East in the USA for many years!)

Like the 2CV itself you’ll smile for the entire 15 minute running length and you’ll quickly get the feeling that watching this clip is the next best thing to driving in one.

You can view the film by accessing our Members’ Video Archive and looking for the title: Citroën 2CV BBC 1996.

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  1. It’s a shame this isn’t the whole programme – the first 5 mins are missed off. It’s one of the BBC series ‘The Car’s the Star’. It was this programme that really got me interested in the 2CV when I was 10yrs old! I have it recorded on a very worn out VHS tape somewhere….

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