Ami 6 Berline Commands Record Price at Auction!

Ami 6 Berline owners rejoice!   As part of the Artcurial Auction in Monaco July 22, 2013, a 1963 Citroën Ami-6 set an all-time price record of 33.693 Euro.   It came as a surprise to all as initial estimates for the sale were pegged at between 6.000-10.000 Euro.   This car was not in pristine condition either, having been repainted with rather shoddy looking lower bodywork, wheel rims that were too dark grey in colour, not the original type of Michelin tires, weather faded turn signals, a tatty owner’s manual and very little history about the car.   The odometer showed 19,545 kms but that was highly unlikely given these issues.

Although the AMI-6 was built in the 100s of thousands (counting all Ami’s, in the millions) no one thought this econo car Citroen would command such a price.  For years they were considered an oddball model that were undesirable and in many minds – ugly.   But for those who saw the light and past its quirky styling and own an AMI-6 Berline, life just got a lot more rewarding!

See the full auction photo gallery here.

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