Introduced in 1961, the Ami 6 was Flaminio Bertoni’s last design before his death in 1964 and many argue it was his most controversial.  Based on the 2CV platform and suspension, with a slightly more powerful 2 cylinder air-cooled engine that would later make its way to the 2CV, in France the Ami 6 was often referred to as the Citroën 3CV Trois chevaux, or “three horses”,

IMG_7504  Ami in Washington

citroen-ami-1594  Ami 6_10

Fall 2009_AMI6 2  AMI_3_VH

The 1961 Ami 6 sedan is distinguished by an unusual reverse-raked rear window.  In 1964 an estate version was introduced.  Some Ami 6s were sold by Citroen in Canada and the USA (equipped with 4 round sealed beam headlights).

NA Spec Ami at Auto Show  Ami 6 Front View  67 AMI 1  Ami in Washington 2

The Ami 8 replaced the Ami 6 in 1969, offered as a 4 door saloon with a fastback rear window and an estate version.

In 1973 the Ami Super was launched with a flat-4 air-cooled engine that was borrowed from the GS along with suspension tweaks to give a more taut and controlled ride.  That enabled the Ami super to achieve speeds of 140 km/hr.

In all 1,582,272 Ami variants were produced up until 1973 when it was replaced by the Citroën Visa and Citroën Axel.

237 M35 prototype coupés, derived from the Ami 8, were produced as test vehicles for loyal customers — testing a new single-rotor Comotor Wankel engine.  Most M35s were taken back by Citroën but a few remain in hands of collectors today.


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