An Ami 6 Rescue Adventure — à la French!

Patrick van Griethuysen in The Netherlands came across this story about rescuing an Ami 6 Break from under severe overgrowth on a French farm.

William Martin of Bernay (a village about 50 km northwest of Évreux in northern France) recounts the following:

I recently went to buy an Ami 6 from someone who had not one Ami 6, but an Ami 8, Ami Super and even an M 35. On-site, the owner offers me an Ami 6 wagon that has been under the brambles for seventeen years. “If you find it, I’ll give it to you.” Armed with a stake and pruning shears, we found it after a morning of research!

So we loaded it onto a trailer and travelled 100 km to bring it home. Upon arrival, we noticed to our amazement that we had lost the roof! No doubt the aluminum rivets holding it had given away. Or maybe it was because of the missing door? We left immediately in the opposite direction to search for the roof but unfortunately, we found nothing. It is the first time that this has happened to me in twenty-five years of collection.

Kind of makes you long to live in France, doesn’t it?

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