Artcurial Monaco 2020 Auction Results

The Artcurial Motorcars Auction in Monaco this year, held at the Hôtel Hermitage on July 21st, had only 4 Citroëns for sale; a 2CV, a Traction Avant 15-Six H, a SM and a Méhari.  All were sold without reserve with the Traction Avant and the 2CV going for under market value.  Surprisingly, no DS models were offered.  

1980 2CV 6 Special
A decent 2CV though with a shunted rear bumper.  No view under the floor mats but with a nice looking engine bay and pristine looking bulkhead (at least from the engine side), the price it sold for of just $9,536 € would appear that the buyer got a very good deal.

1954 Traction Avant 15-Six H

The front torsion bar suspension appeared to need some work as the car was slightly listing to the left. The cracked steering wheel and rusty trim ring around the speedometer didn’t help with the car achieving a sale price of just 33,376 €.

1972 SM
The cloth interior, oddly mounted radio and scruffy engine bay kept the price low despite the car having resin rims.  It sold for 41,720 €.

1983 Méhari

Méharis are hot ticket items these days and this one with 66,701 kms showing on the odometer still managed to command 20,860 €.

Two other cars with Citroën components, a 1972 Maserati Bora and a 1977 Maserati Khamsin (with a unique T-roof) remained unsold.  

1972 Maserati Bora
1977 Maserati Khamsin

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