At 60 km/h – World Travel Adventure in a Méhari

A divorced and lonely, Uruguayan named Mario Sabah decided to realize a longtime dream for his 50th birthday and tour the world.  So he quit his job and fixed up a blue Méhari that once served as the family SUV and together with a camera and his two sons, he embarked from Uruguay on a 150,000-kilometer (93,000-mile) journey across 45 countries and five continents.  What ensued was captured on in a movie about the passion of Citroën, about family, dreams, and travel!

Once on the road, it doesn’t take long for tensions to mount.  After a clash of personalities halfway through Latin America, Mario continues alone, all the way to Canada.  Sometimes he drives 600 kilometers at a stretch without even realizing it.  “Do not ask me what happened in the middle, because I cannot tell” says Mario. 

Once he is way up north, he puts the Méhari on the boat to Spain, and from there he travels through Europe, Asia and even Australia, defying heat, rain, dirt and all forms of chaos along the way – with plenty of stamina, far too little money and at a speed that’s crucial to the story. In the words of his son Mattias, “At 60 kilometers per hour, you’re like a chameleon. You go slowly, transforming along with the landscape you’re going through.”

The film was released in 2014 and is now available with English subtitles.  You can view the trailer and rent the movie online here:

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