Attention aspiring filmakers! Citroën DS camera car for sale.

In an age of image stabilizing cameras and Steadicams, the “camera car” is going the way of the dodo bird.   Witness this DS camera car that is currently for sale on the french leboncoin website.

The price?  – a mere 1,000 euros.   Because of their unmatched smooth ride and the ability to carry enormous weight, Citroen DS were the preferred basis for a numerous automobile shooting platforms in the 1960’s and ’70’s.  BBC had a few DS and CX Breaks modified to accommodate big TV cameras.

bbc CX cam car

This DS is interesting in that it appears that a tugboat served as the basis for the body, being literally plunked on a 1970 DS floor plan.

Restored and with a mere 45,000 km on the odometer, the ad for it suggests that it is ideal for lovers of the brand to truly be distinctive preserve it by placing in a museum.   Hopefully it will be rescued from it present location in Rennes France, and preserved as cinematic history vehicle.

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