We first published pictures of Citroën’s concept teaser, the DS X E-Tense, showing how we might be driving in 2035, back in April 2018. (View that article here: https://citroenvie.com/ds-x-e-tense-a-dark-look-toward-2035/).

Citroën at the time said the car was 100% electric and while they were not specific to what the power-train was, (we suspected it used a system similar to FIA Formula E race cars), and the company is still being coy as to what is underneath, yesterday the BBC published a video where they show it actually driving.

Listening to the sound, it certainly sounds like a Formula E. As for how it seems to handle on the road, it looks like the “Dark Knight Batman-like” body composite body and the Citroën avant-garde design lab interior covers a Formula E platform. See it for yourself here: