Burton’s Mission Zero 2018 – The Balkans

If you like 2CV adventures, be sure to check out this video just released by Jean-Louis and Jerome Wassenaar.

Burton (the 2CV parts supplier and manufacturer of the fibre-glass bodied 2CV based sports car) decided back in 2017 to organize a new road trip to an unknown destination.  Participants from the last time (Project 9 – Raid Morocco) were asked first if they wanted to join in for the adventure.  It was booked full in an instant.

At meetings leading up to the trip some general information was conveyed but everything was kept very vague.  The most important thing people were told was that it would be ‘’Grenzeloos Moeizaam’’ which translates to be something like boundlessly difficult.  This was the theme of the trip.  

Finally, on the day of departure in September 2018, after everyone was guessing for over half a year to what destination of the road trip would be, everyone got their road book.  It was the Balkans!  Everyone was excited for the adventure that would take us thru Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania. 

The week that followed was a week full of racing like maniacs, driving slow like snails over the off-road roads, crossing rivers and cautiously navigating along the edge of  deep cliffs.  Of course, there were a few flat tires and some underside rats like exhaust ripped off, but that was par for the course.  and off course got some flat tires.  In the end it was a week of fun that no-one will ever forget. 

Here’s the video (in Dutch) that is well worth watching!


If you’d like to watch their 2016 Moroccan adventure, here’s that video:


Now, everyone is wondering where the next trip will be?

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