CAC Fall Tour to Creemore and Guelph – September 28, 2013

– by George Dyke….

We are 4 for 4 in 2013 with our Citroën Autoclub Canada driving events. Our Fall outing to Creemore and Guelph was the perfect conclusion to a stellar year.  Perfect weather, lovely scenery, fantastic roads and virtually no traffic.

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We gathered at the McDonalds at Jane St. and Major MacKenzie Dr. just east of HWY 400.  Starting participants included Larry Lewis, Steve Loria, Jim Sciberas, Jeff Teerlinck and his neighbour Martin, Roland Voegele, Angus MacDougald and his brother, Kay MacInnes, Nebo Djurdjevic, Gord Linkletter and Fanny Gragor, and Sietse Elsinga and my amazingly spry 92-year-old mom (Ruth Dyke). Quite a feat considering people came from as far away as Beamsville, Waterloo, and Verona (near Kingston). We even had surprise participants John and his mom Mary-Anne arrive in their VW Passat.  Mary-Anne and her husband used to own a DS in the 70’s and the idea of tagging along on a Citroën event sounded most appealing!

We headed north through the rolling hills of the King City area and west over toward Tottenham then through Hockley Valley before heading northwest to more rolling terrain in the Mono Hills area.  We drove some lovely winding roads, particularly near Terra Nova and coming into Creemore through Dunedin.

Creemore was our prime destination because we booked a tour of the Creemore Brewing Company. They offer a selection of excellent beers and we were able to sample a few before our tour.  Harriet Nixon and Roy Pope, who live a short distance west, met us at Creemore in their yellow and black 2CV.  We stayed in Creemore for lunch and then made our way south on County Road 42 before heading west on County Road 21 and driving through more hilly terrain. Eventually, we got to an upper plateau and drove through farmland, dotted with what seemed to be hundreds of windmills, then headed south toward Grand Valley, Bellwood, Fergus, Elora and then onto Guelph.

We managed a stop at the Wellington County Brewing Company in Guelph and while they had finished their tasting sessions for the day, that didn’t prevent us from having a tailgate party in the parking lot, doing a little “tech talk” and taking a closer look at the cars on the trip.  John Dreger came over from Kitchener to join us.  (Actually, John went originally to Terra Nova hoping to get some action shots of us on the twisty turns, but missed us there and caught up to us in Guelph).

Next stop was dinner at the Greek Garden Café, where Chris Deja and John McCulloch joined us from Oakville.  John would have done the full road tour but he just returned the day before from doing a week’s worth of ACI related business in Paris.

With everyone well fed, we bid our adieus and headed our separate ways, all hoping that next year’s driving events will be as nice as those we have had the privilege to participate in this year.

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