Chris Dubuque reports on C.J. Motors and Shamrock Motors in the Bay Area

Chris Dubuque has been busy pursuing his passion documenting the history of West Coast Citroën dealers. His latest efforts include;

  • Reporting on C.J. Motors, who in early 1955 operated at their first location at 2600 Telegraph Avenue in Berkley, CA. Click on photo below to read more about C.J. Motors:
C.J. Motors — 2600 Telegraph Avenue, Berkley, CA
  • A profile of Shamrock Motors in Mill Valley, CA, which took on the Citroën marque in 1958.
Shamrock Motors — 375 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA

And Chris has also updated the history of Challenger Motors in Los Angeles, CA.

Challenger Motors on Melrose Blvd in Hollywood.

Each one is a fascinating read.

Chris has to be admired for all his work and thoroughness in preparing the histories of these and all the Citroën dealers he as has profiled so far. And he says there is more to come. Stay tuned…

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