It’s not too often we see attempts to meld DS bodywork into some other car that actually work well.  Most are a visual abomination, but not so here.

At first glance the eye is drawn to the unmistakable roof-line of the a Porsche, yet almost immediately you pick-up on the front lights and what is a much more bulbous front end, – more so than a DS alone, thanks to the less rounded front valance with skirting underneath and a bumper that looks a little broader with a tighter curve at the outer edge under the turn signal.  (The little filler piece to the wheel arch gives that bumper bend away.)

As you stare a bit more you realize that it’s a 4 door, arguably better looking along the side than a Porsche Panamera.  But wait, – those are DS doors giving the improvement!  The crease line to the windows above the door handles has been sculpted a bit lower to blend into the broader rear fender of a 911 back end.  The rear door cuts to accommodate the wheel arch. All so subtle and seamless.

The front section remains true DS above the bumper and from what we see of the rear, it would appear to be true Porsche.  The middle though is pure DS in below the door handles yet Porsche from the window sills up!

Fitting it with Porsche wheels give a mean street racer look.  And the icing on the cake is the DS aerial that remains in its traditional spot on the roof.

We’d swap the Porsche side mirror on the doors for the more elegant DS one, but at full speed at least with this one there’s no chance of it folding over on you!  Better to have it beefy we suppose.

Sorry, but this the only photo we have.  Look through the front windshield and you can see it is right-hand drive.  We wonder if it is using Citroen DS hydraulics?  Heck, it could even be a DS-911 Sahara 4×4 retaining engines both and rear!

Anybody else know about this car and can send along a few more photos and details?

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